Leo Tolstoy: A human can be healthy without killing animals for food. Therefore if he eats meat he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite.

Philosophical Articles

Articles Written by Charlotte Laws - Founder & President of LEAP

The Sierra Club Chooses Killers over Advocates for Life and Nature - By Paul Watson

Excerpt from Book by Dr. Suki Falconberg 

Why Hitler was not a Vegetarian  

Vegetarianism, Environmentalism, Animal Rights: My Dog or Your Child? Ethical Dilemmas and the Hierarchy of Moral Value - About the "buring building" question and speciesism. Article written by Dr. Steven Best.

In Praise of SHAC - About "Direct Action" Animal Rights Groups such as Animal Liberation Front and Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty. Article written by Dr. Steven Best.

Beyond Good and Evil - by Friedrich Nietzsche. Selected sections 

About Arthur Schopenhauer & The World as Will and Idea

Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals, and the Call to Mercy

Thinking Pluralistically: A Case for Direct Action - Article written by Dr. Steven Best.

A Fable - By Mark Twain

A Realistic Interpretation of the Ten Commandments for Modern American Society - (An authentic animal rights perspective. Do not read unless you are prepared to be offended) Article by unknown source.

Defining Terrorism - Article by Dr. Steven Best

A Brave New World of Environmental Destruction - Article by Governor / Mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland

Nonhuman Rights - Article by Eric Sundquist

On Human Nature - Interview with Noam Chomsky and Chomsky Rebuttal

Ethics - Exceptional work by Baruch Spinoza. Selected sections from the first part of the work

Political Consciousness & Transformative Action - Brilliant speech by Governor / Mayor Jerry Brown of Oakland.


The Parable of the Game - Captivating and poetic essay extracted from the book, "Against Ethics" by John Caputo. It is anonymously written.

Following are a few Articles written by Charlotte Laws, Ph.D. - Founder and President of LEAP. They include a variety of subjects, not necessarily related to animal rights or environmentalism. 

Election 2012: My Chicken Is Running for Vice President - Article on this appeared in many newspapers in October 2012. 

Seat Filling for the Stars: Sitting Pretty or Slave Labor? - Published August 22, 2012   

Natalie Portmanís $600 Carton of Eggs: The Black Swan and The Chicken   - Published May 18, 2011

Oprah, Me and Reality TV - Published in June 2010

Clowns, Casinos and Men Full of Cash - Published in February 2010

It's My Party and I'll Crash if I want to - Published in December 2009. 

Religion vs. the Sprinkler Police - Published in September 2009

Michael Jackson and Medical Paternalism - Published in July 2009

Clueless at City Hall: Foreclosures and Tenants - Published in July 2009

Hold the MSG: It's Not Risk Free! -Published in May 2009.

Adam Lambert and the Partisan Divide - Published in May 2009.

Banks Get a Bailing Grade - Published in April 2009.

Clean Money: Better Elections - Published in February 2009.

Warning to Democrats: Don't House Around - Published August 2008.

Steven Colbert Smokes Out Political Ickiness - Published in November 2007

Gnomes, Smiley Faces, and the LA Gay Debate - Published in August 2007

Confessions of an Adopted Child - Published in August 2007

Desperately Seeking DNA - Published in August 2007

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? The Controversial Peter Singer - Published in June 2007.

Are You the Terrorist Next Door? - Published in January 2007.

The Diet of Distraction - Published in January 2007

Democracy Can Be Muddy - Letter to the editor, published in December 2006.

Proposition H: Housing Hocus-Pocus - Published in November 2006.

My Adventure Presenting Animal Rights Philosophy to the FBI - Published in May 2006

Trump in Tinsel Town Handpicking the Apprentice-Bound - Published in March 2006.

Arm Wrestling with Darwin - Published in January 2006.

Caution: You're about to enter an Affordable Housing Zone - Published in December 2005.

Assault on the American Homeowner - Published in December 2005.

L.A.'s Pet Project: By the Numbers - Written as a Blog entry and posted in November 2004.

Mayor Villaraigosa and the Truth about Cats and Dogs - Published in October 2005.

Rent Control Rehab for the Well-Heeled - Published in September 2005.

A Fence is No Offense - Published in August 2005.

Much Ado About Mansionization? - (Published in July and August 2005).

No Kill Animal Shelter Proposal for the City of Oakland, CA - (Written at the end of May 2005 and presented to the city of Oakland).

Another Doomsday, Another Dollar: Shifting Science towards Peace and Ecology - (Published in May 2005) About Doomsday Scenarios and Environmental Concerns.

Gentlemen Prefer Blogs - (Published in March 2005) About Mayor Jerry Brown's blog.

From Democracy to Omniocracy - Published in March 2005) About extremism, the left-right political continuum, and transitioning into Omniocracy.

Patriots and Parrots: Imprisoning Tongues in America - (Published February 2005) About freedom of speech and patriotism.

Anybody But Hahn? A Mayoral Convention for the Animals - (Published January 2005 - newspaper article) About the Humane Community's convention to endorse a candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles.

Photo of Charlotte Laws - Articles - Philosophy - Entries from Jerry Brown's Blog entries

The Sex Offender Database: Is Your Home at Threat Level Red? (Published January 2005-newspaper article) About problems with the online California sex offender database.

Polls and the Power of Self-Manipulation - (Published in November 2004 - magazine article) About being a poll participant and how polls may involve a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Writing L.A.'s Wrongs with a "No Kill" Shelter Proposal - (Published in November and December 2004 - newspaper article). About Charlotte Laws' "No Kill" Animal Shelter Proposal, written for the City of Los Angeles. To see the full proposal click here or go to www.ValleyGlen.us 

Not Another Post-Election Analysis! (Published in November 2004 - newspaper article.) About how Nader had the proportionally highest number of "moral values" voters and about the fallibility of exit polls. 

L.A. Too Confidential: Hahn and Stuckey in a Sticky Situation - (Published in October 2004 - newspaper article) About no kill animal shelters, animal advocates, Mayor Hahn and the bureaucracy of Los Angeles.

"Name" is the Name of the Game - (published as a letter to the editor in October 2004) Real estate analogy with respect to changing university name to Cal State, East Bay.

California's Casino Craze: Can the East Bay Beat the House? - (published August 2004 - newspaper article) About the drawbacks and benefits of a casino in the Bay Area. By Charlotte Laws

Removing Intelligence From America - (published July 2004 - newspaper article) About how culture and the system contribute to the lack of intelligence in America. By Charlotte Laws

Fundraiser Mania - (published July 2004 - newspaper article) About the three California John Kerry fundraisers. By Charlotte Laws

The New Deal? Kerry & McCain - (published June 2004 - newspaper article) An innovative idea for a bi-partisan ticket. By Charlotte Laws

A Few Bad Apples or "The Bad Seed" of Circumstance - (published June 2004) About the power of authority, conformity and the situation. By Charlotte Laws

Progress Report on Violence - (published Sept. 2000) About combating progress with progress? And how moralizing is a form of violence. By Charlotte Laws

Is Rescuing a Rat a Terrorist Act?- (published January 1999) Discussion about the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front. By Charlotte Laws

Traitors of Liberalism - (published  May 1999) The Monica Lewinsky / Linda Tripp controversy. By Charlotte Laws

Postmodern or Post-Mortem? - (published November 1998) How Bill Clinton was arguably the first postmodern president. By Charlotte Laws

Thoughts by Charlotte - Just what the title says; thoughts by Charlotte Laws.

Charlotte's Blog Entries - Responses to political and philosophical statements.

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