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I.     Asbestos Removal
II.    Geological Inspectors and Geologists
III.   Home Inspectors
IV.   Home Warranty Companies
V.    Insurance
VI.   Lenders
VII.  School Board of Los Angeles

Following is a list of companies and individuals in alphabetical order (by category) who provide services that may be useful to buyers. In many cases, Charlotte Laws of Prudential John Aaroe and Associates does not have personal experience with these vendors. Buyers are advised to use their own judgment in deciding who to hire. Although the phone numbers and other data are revised periodically, some of the information may not be updated; information is deemed reliable, but not guaranteed.

I.    Asbestos Removal.......................(top of page)
1. A.Q. Management and Control-(213)874-1500
2. Gerald Minear-(213)654-1611
3. Alternative Technologies-(818)700-8002
4. Asbestos Detection-(714)530-1922
5. CTL Environmental Testing Lab-(310)530-5006
6. P.W. Stephens Removal-(626)333-5512
7. Precision Works Removal-(310)453-5245

 II.   Geological Inspectors and Geologists...(top of page)
1. Richard Ramirez-(818)246-9633 or pager (818)543-2814
2. Bob Schubeck-(818)887-4422
3. Brian Robinson-(818)782-8282
4. Bruce Lockwood-(818)991-0100
5. California Geo Systems-(818)500-9533
6. Dale Glen & Associates-(818)886-2766
7. Mackintosh & Mackintosh-(323)662-1184
8. Paul Merrifield-(310)398-1447

III.   Home Inspectors..................................(top of page)
1. Bona Fide Building Inspection (Don)-(818)352-5078 or (800)537-8492, email
2. Certified Property Inspectors-(818)884-5758
3. John A. LaRocca-(213)469-5466 or (818)503-0068
4. Gregory Building Inspection-(818)998-8404
5. Frank J. DeSantis-(818)543-1366
6. Pacific Home Inspections-(800)537-7404
7. A-Z Inspection Service-(818)366-6367
8. Amerispec Home Inspections (Tom)-(818)883-8816
9. Swift Home Inspectors-(818)363-7728
10.Preferred Home Inspectors-(800)882-5334
11.Property Inspection Services-(310)396-6532
12.Stuart Tracy-(310)837-0111
13.Lance Hudson Inspection-(323)665-5515
14.Leslie D. Francesca-(818)865-0490
15.Mike Ross Property Inspections-(310)915-0301

IV.   Home Warranty Companies.................(top of page)
1. American Home Shield-(800)735-4663
2. Buyer's Home Warranty Company-(800)443-5599
3. First American-(800)444-9030
4. Old Republic-(800)445-6999
5. The Summer Group-(562)943-0044

V.    Insurance............................................(top of page)
1. Farmers Insurance (Rick Feldman)-(818)717-3855
2. Allstate Insurance (John Jacques)-(818)225-7655 or (800)560-3500
3. Ares Insurance (Roman Rokita)-(818)986-4207
4. State Farm (Jerry Festa)-(310)454-0345
5. Scott Armen Insurance Agency-(818)241-4678
6. William Hopper Insurance-(310)826-5588
7. Geary Steffan Company-(310)459-1555
8. McDonough Insurance (Paul Garcia)-(800)560-8600
9. Rubin & Palachi (Joel Bagelman)-(213)938-9111
10.Allstate (Ted Silverberg)-(310)459-4663

VI.   Lenders.............................................(top of page)
1. Tracy Davis (818) 735-5966 or pager (818) 609-5055. Her fax is (818) 735-5951.
2. Mondie Pixel of First Financial Mortgage. (626) 943-7314. Her fax is (626) 628-3055.
3. Gary J. Rohlfs of First Financial Mortgage-Direct line (818)487-4426 or pager (818) 592-5404,email:
4. Jim Shahrokh-Office (323)850-5058, pager (818)593-1225 and email
5. Michael Shrank of Washington Mutual-Office (818)380-2376 or voice mail (818)382-2965
6. Mitch Saunders- Office (818)719-9077, pager (818)372-2604, and cell phone (818)400-2961
7. Bob Erlich- Office (818)591-2580 or pager (818)372-2650
8. Robert Hall of Blue Dolphin Mortgage-Office (818)640-5626
9. Richard Harris-Office (818)712-0800 or pager (818)594-7041
10. Premiere Financial with Page Mosely (818)761-6080 and Marc Walleston (818)985-9999

11. Mimi Morton of The Money House (310)456-5527 or (310)454-4965. She loans on land! Address: 18745 Pacific Coast Hwy., Malibu, CA 90265. Her fax is (310)456-0042.

 VII.  School Board of Los Angeles...........(top of page)
You may want to investigate various school districts. Their phone number is (213)625-4915      Click for School Finder website 

Please contact Charlotte Laws of Prudential John Aaroe & Associates if you find that any of the above information is inaccurate. Thanks!

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