Protecting California's Animals

About the Los Angeles Animal Cruelty Task Force

The Los Angeles Police Department has been working in partnership with the Department of Animal Services and the City Attorney's Office to create the first of its kind: a joint Animal Cruelty Task Force. On Wednesday, May 11, 2005, the full City Council approved of the establishment of the Task Force. To contact the task force, call 213-847-1417.

The Cruelty Task Force is comprised of LAPD Officers and Animal Control Officers. They can arrest, seize animals, enforce cruelty/animal-related laws. 

The Animal Crime Investigations Bureau (ACIB) is recruiting volunteers who care about animals and understand the direct correlation between animal abuse and criminal behavior. You may be able to become a Level I or Level II officer and learn how to investigate animal cruelty crimes. 

If you are interested in being a part of a unit dedicated to the protection of animals and want to combat crimes that research has proven progress to more serious violence, please contact Christine at (925) 487-4419. 


* This website has no affiliation with the L.A. Task Force or ACIB. This information is provided as a public service only and deemed reliable, but not guaranteed. Please contact the Task Force or ACIB for further information or details.