Protecting California's Animals  

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Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

Congratulations on your recent achievements with respect to animal issues. I also want to add that you are doing an excellent job as the Governor of our state. I have a proposal that will allow you to:

1. Continue to be an animal friendly Governor.

2. Potentially end the killing of all dogs and cats in California animal shelters.

3. Save the taxpayers money. The state currently spends approximately $140 million dollars to house and kill dogs and cats in state animal shelters; this cost can be reduced or potentially eliminated.

4. Make California a nationwide leader in animal welfare. 

I propose that you establish a California Animal Commission, which will be comprised of individuals committed to the welfare of animals. The Commission's purpose will be to offer suggestions, write proposals and generally help cities and counties end the killing of shelter dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

This volunteer commission, which will cost the taxpayers nothing, will hold regular meetings, identify issues to be addressed, and make recommendations to local government. In the end, the Commission should be able to save the state and localities a great deal of money.

It could also advise on how to access Maddie's Fund $300 million dollars in money, available to help cities, counties and states transition into "no kill."     

"No kill" is an achievable goal. San Francisco has ended the killing of all healthy dogs and cats at their shelters. Tompkins County, New York has stopped the killing of healthy and medically/behaviorally treatable animals. New York City, the state of Utah and several counties around the nation have solid plans in place and should be "no-kill" within less than a decade.

I recently wrote "no-kill shelter" proposals for the cities of Los Angeles and Oakland; copies of both proposals have been sent to your office for review. The California Animal Commission would continue to offer assistance in much the same way as I have in L.A. and Oakland.  It is a huge task researching shelter situations and local options, meeting with city governments and offering written and verbal assistance. It is a job that needs the backing of the Governorís office.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at (818) 346-5280. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


Charlotte Laws
Californians for a No Kill Commission