Protecting California's Animals

East Bay Program:  

The Humane Officer Program has been initiated in the Bay Area by an organization called Animal Crime Investigations Bureau (ACIB). Mailing address: P.O. Box 1406, Martinez, CA 94553. Phone number: (925) 487-4419. Website: Email: 

This is a newly established organization devoted to protecting non-human animals through the legal system.

ACIB can do the following:

1) Investigate Cruelty and Neglect Cases

2) Partner with the OPD, OAS and other Humane Organizations

3) Increase Local District Attorney Offices' understanding of the Prevalence of Animal Cruelty and the Importance of Prosecuting Cases.

4) Educate Californians about Animal Cruelty Prevention.

Another example of what Humane Officers can do in the future: A bill is being pushed to legislators in Sacramento, which seeks to regulate breeding via microchips, registration numbers and annual reporting of number of animals sold in the state. This bill nearly passed a couple of years ago; it missed by one vote. Humane Officers could help with the enforcement of this type of law.  

ACIB says that the cost for Humane Officer Training is approximately $200 (two-week training) at the Animal Law Enforcement Training Academy sponsored by the State Humane Association of California. Courses include Arrest and Controls, Constitutional Rights, Administration and Justice, Firearms.

By Charlotte Laws
Californians for a "No Kill" Commission  

* This website has no affiliation with ACIB.  Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please contact this organization for details about its program.

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