Protecting California's Animals


 Suggestions Regarding the
California Animal Commission


1. The commissioners would be appointed by the Governor for a four-year term.

2. It would be a volunteer position for all Commissioners. There would be no cost involved for the state or the taxpayer. Commissioners would have to travel at their own expense to meetings and would communicate via e-mail and other means between meetings.

3. Meetings would be four times per year on the 2nd Saturday of the month. The meeting locations would rotate between San Diego, Los Angeles and the Bay Area. There would be Commissioner representation from these three sections of the state.

4. The Commission would maintain a minimal website at the Commissioners' own expense, which would provide information to the public about upcoming meetings, pending issues and proposals. Website domain names and hosting should not cost more than $200 per year, a cost to be born by the Commissioners.

5. The goal of the Commission would be to create proposals and advise localities so that a) fewer (eventually no) animals are killed at public shelters, b) the taxpayer burden is decreased or eliminated with respect to shelter dogs and cats, c) California can become a leader when it comes to humane treatment, spay/neuter programs, pet adoptions and other shelter-related issues.

6. The Commission would help with acquiring Maddie's Fund money or other not-for-profit funds whenever possible. Maddie's Fund, which is located in Alameda County, has almost $300 million dollars available for assisting cities and counties to become "no kill."

7. Commissioners would have the authority and backing of the Governor in an advisory capacity only. Commissioners would not enforce local laws or require cities or counties to enact particular policies. However, if the Governor decides at some point that the Commissioners' authority should be increased, it would be at his discretion to boost their authority.

8. Commissioners would be representing the state of California and would do so with integrity, intelligence and professionalism.


Supplemental Information About the California Animal Commission


1. A volunteer will act as the secretary to take minutes at meetings

2. Commissioners will serve for free and pay their own travel expenses

3. If any funds are needed for "government purposes," such as having governmental employees review Commission Information, then funds can easily be raised for this purpose.  Californians for a "No Kill" Commission can help with fundraising.

4. Californians for a "No Kill" Commission can pay for and maintain the website.

5. One of the explicit goals of the Commission is to work towards reducing taxpayer costs for public shelters. As fewer animals are brought into the shelters, costs for housing and enthanizing will decrease. The public will embrace this goal.

Potential names for this commission:

1. California Animal Commission

2. California Animal Advisory Council

3. California Animal Advisory Board

The Commission needs the moral backing of the Governor's office and will act in an advisory capacity only... unless otherwise directed by the Governor at some point:

1. By establishing the commission, the Governor is taking the lead in "reducing and eventually ending the killing" in the state. Localities need the leadership of the Governor on this issue; then they will look enthusiastically towards solutions to the pet overpopulation problem.

2. The Commission will offer advice to cities and counties; each locality may decide to follow or reject the advice of the commission. The autonomy of a city or county will be respected.

3. Cities and counties will applaud the Governor's assistance on this matter. The Commission is offering a valuable service: "no kill" consultants can charge thousands of dollars for proposals/evaluations.

4. The Commission can help gather volunteers for grassroots shelter assistance (foster homes, DAWs, rescue groups, Humane Officers, etc.) Meetings provide an avenue for public participation and discourse.

I hope you see the value of this important project!

By: Charlotte Laws,  Californians for a No Kill Commission   
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