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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen

GVGC Minutes March 7, 2005

Review minutes. Addition made by Larry about minutes. The words added are

“BE IT RESOLVED that HALLIE KEMPER has given outstanding service as president of the Greater Valley Glen Council.

IN RECOGNITION of her outstanding, dedicated service to the affairs of the Greater Valley Glen Council and the City of Los Angeles. Hallie Kemper’s actions have helped to further the common goal of making our City a better place in which to live.

The Greater Valley Glen Council thanks you and your family for all of your sacrifices of time in the generous support of our community.”

Minutes stand. Approved with the above addition. Passes unanimously.

Roll call. Everyone is present except Linda Wehrli.

Vice-president – nominations. Valerie is nominated by Mario. Carlos is nominated by Sharon. Carlos does not want to be vice-president. Mario Sweet is nominated by Carlos.

Speeches made by nominees for vice-president. Mario Sweet speaks first. Valerie speaks second.

FINAL: Valerie Olive is chosen to be the vice-president of the Council. 10 votes for Valerie. There are 6 votes for Mario. 2 people abstain.

Speaker – Carmel Vela-Madady of the Erwin Street School and Pat Davenport from Wendy Greuel’s office speak. Traffic issues, busing, complaints relating to the school. May stagger the school day. Classrooms are at maximum and enrollment is not on the decline, but rather growing.

Judy Price – too many people in the area, inclusionary zoning issue will come up again by the city council.

Item 14 – bylaws issue to be moved up to be next. Passes unanimously.

Bylaws Committee

The city attorney and DONE had issues with our bylaws.

Motion to send to committee then send to DONE for approval. Amendment to go over the rough areas tonight then send to committee for verbiage then to done.

Comment: Elections are held hostage until the bylaws are changed

1) The city did not think item on page 8, number H was required. Motion: To strike item number 8, item h in its entirety. FINAL: Delete H on page 8. Seconded. H has been removed in its entirety. Passes unanimously.

2) Page 4, c – they want the commercial property owner category to be separate from the merchant/business representative. Discussion about this. DONE does not like the fact that a homeowner can end up in the merchant/business rep/commercial property owner category.

Carlos – you can’t stop homeowners from running in any of these categories.

Motion: to send to committee but to make amendment to have two commercial property owners at large and separate it from merchant/business. Did not vote on this.

Motion regarding business owner/commercial prop owners. If the person resides on that property they are ineligible to run as a commercial property owner on that property.

Amendment: # c last paragraph – Terry’s amendment – to add sentence at the end of c saying “provided that the owner does not reside on the property.” And the categories will stay the way they are. Call the question. FINAL: It passes. 12 yes, 5 abstain, 1 pass. Terry’s sentence will be added to the end of the paragraph.

3) FINAL: Motion to leave page 2, item 1 the way it is written and fight it out with DONE. This passes. 14 yes, 1 no, 1 person does not vote, 2 abstain.

4) Page 10, D. Motion to send this item to the Bylaws Committee to write the language. FINAL: Passes unanimously.

5) Page 11, item 6 c ( second c on the page) – Motion to send this item to the Bylaws Committee to write the language. FINAL: Passes unanimously.

6) FINAL: Motion to send to committee and send to done. Passes unanimously.

Public Comments

Judy Price – what happened with the second grievance. It is made in direct defiance with the bylaws. Larry says it is not on the agenda.

Sarah Burns – preserving resources in the community.

She is invited to join the land use and planning committee. She accepts.

John Bwarie from Mayor Hahn’s office – mayor wrote latter asking that hybrids be allowed in carpool lanes, valley municipal building is opening – April 21,

$100, 000 that the neighborhood councils have control over – like a credit for us to control. It is gas tax money that can be used exclusively for road repair. Averages about 1/8 mile to redo. 3 -4 miles for slurry seals. ¼ mile can be covered for resurfacing it.

LAPD Report

Sharon to make motion to move # 11 on agenda up. Passes unanimously.

Crown Disposal – Tom Ibarra’s presentation. Recycling. Call him if we have a tree planting and he will donate some compost for this.

President’s Report by Larry – Been going to lots of meetings. Lots of work. Water power information for Government Relations Committee. The Woodman station will be called the Woodman/Valley Glen Station. Resignation letter from Barbara Rodney. City doing some earthquake repair to the sewers.

Treasurer’s Report by Vic– Review of the report that he passes out. Approved unanimously.

Boardmember Comments

Terry – wants the election procedures in place so they are ready once we get approval on the bylaws.

Charlotte Laws – Grievance. Carlos will let us know whether he wants to go forward with the grievance.

Sharon – wants to find out about any legislation regarding car alarms and when alarms are turned off and on. Is there anything with relation to car alarms. Maybe we could contact the Santa Monica city attorney. I would like to propose this legislation.

Also propose something that parents cannot use cars as play areas for their children.

Population density issue – Garage conversions into guest units.

Sharon wants sticky note pads made with GVGC on it.

Valerie- for land use committee – neighborhood now newly zoned. Tall buildings going up and no public notice.

Carlos – meeting with the Mayor regarding Mayor’s Budget Survey. We made some recommendations (below). We want to see gang reduction and police visibility increased, that 50/50 sidewalk repair be expanded. I will be filing complaint over some properties in my area. The Regional Budget Report is below.




2005-2006 MBP

A Regional meeting of Budget Representatives for the Neighborhood Councils in the South Valley region took place January 22, 2005. Attending representatives were from Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Valley Glen and Winnetka councils. 


While agreeing that the process allows for input from the communities that are served by the City, it was recognized that each community has unique definitions and needs to each given category in the Budget Survey. Each Survey category was discussed and prioritized as to the needs of the communities present. Additionally, the need to further refine the Budget Survey is a strong recommendation.



GENERAL CONSESUS: Increased traffic control, greater police visibility are major recommendations. It was also strongly felt that Fire Services, Animal Services, Legal Services, and Proactive Crime Prevention Programs should NOT have a decline in their budgets.  Maintenance and Repair of Streetlights was confusing as we felt it belonged under the category “Livable Neighborhoods”, Street Lighting section.

ENCINO:  Currently the Encino community shares a Basic Police car and feels the need for its own Basic car. Additionally, it is felt that a dedicated law enforcement officer/park ranger in the Sepulveda Basin Recreation is necessary. The large geographical area and number of people using the recreational facilities makes response to emergency calls from law enforcement outside of the area extremely poor and slow.

SHERMAN OAKS: Increasing police visibility is the greatest need in this community. Do NOT reduce police bike patrols.

STUDIO CITY: Increase police visibility and patrol car activity.

VALLEY GLEN: Increase gang law enforcement activity and police visibility. Increase police bike patrols on Victory Blvd.

WINNETKA:  Increase police visibility and add a budget increase to upgrade equipment and bringing department up to state-of-the-art technology.


GENERAL CONSESUS:  Great praise was given to the job done by Public Works during the recent rainstorms in cleaning the streets and gutters. Continuation of this type of pro-active work should be the norm. It is strongly recommended that “failed” street funds be added to the budget. There are too many “failed” streets in the South Valley to be ignored. Additionally, there should an increase in the number of streets repaired and repaved with the new technology available  (Slurry Machine)

We recommend a citywide implementation of the 50/50 sidewalk repair program trialed in Wendy Gruel’s District. This move should free up sidewalk repair moneys for those areas were residents cannot afford to participate, resulting in an overall increase in the number of sidewalk repairs undertaken and reducing the amount of dollars lost to litigation due to falls. We also feel that sidewalk repair as a condition of a property sale should be researched and implemented if feasible.

We feel that there should be, at a minimum, no cuts made to Library Services.  While it was felt that Neighborhood Councils are well funded, it is strongly recommended that there should be an increase in the education of Councils on Council Budget preparation.  Also, we felt there should be an established limit to the dollar rollover that is currently allowed. This limit could be either a dollar volume or time period for the rollover.

Expansion of the Bulky Item drop-off program into the South Valley should be implemented and   an educational program should be initiated as to bulky item disposal, especially for apartment residents and management.

Traffic control is a universal need in the South Valley area. Besides increased implementation, we recommend the use of decoy police cars. They have been used successfully in the past and this task should be reassigned to the OPGs as part of their contracted duties.


 GENERAL CONSESUS:  We felt that there needs to be an expansion of Code Enforcement in the South Valley, including a Signage Inspector dedicated to the San Fernando Valley.  The implementation of the one-stop permit office has been well received in the South Valley and perhaps Code Enforcement duties could also be consolidated for efficiency and savings.

The South Valley Budget representatives thank the Mayor for the opportunity to participate in the city budget process.


Vic – rent stabilization that we are discussing via government relations committee.

Shawn – people who live in their cars. Report them.

Public Safety Committee Report – Sharon Anton – Two proposals. Erwin street drop off – complaints regarding this. Too many kids there and people in the area are held hostage.

Motion – to ask LAUSD to reconfigure the space at Greater Valley Glen public schools to help the situation with drop offs and loading of kids. It would go to Wendy Greuel’s office and LA Unified. Seconded. Passes unanimously.

Motion: We support Crown Disposal’s participation in the pilot program that Grieg Smith has started (for multi-family dwellings to be included in recycling). Motion is that all goes into one container and that it gets sorted by the company. FINAL: Motion passes. 16 yes, 2 no. Valerie has left early so did not vote.

Comments and explanation: There are three possible ways to recycle: 1) take all and the company sorts everything, 2) blue bag to be sorted, 3) separate containers; people have to sort prior to pick up. City wants to see which will be the cheapest way to go.

Communications Committee – Max – Handout regarding the website. Southern California Hosting is the company who provided this information. It will cost a one-time $2000 fee. Training is part of the $2000. Motion to approve this idea and the money to fund it. Amendment to have the payments paid in two payments. Also copy of the contract with terms and conditions before we pay the check.  This  motion is withdrawn.

We will instead have this person come and talk to us.

We will keep email addresses private. Motion to have the rights protected of all email addresses given to the council not shared with anyone else. FINAL: Motion passes unanimously.

We need to get the newsletter out and need to know the election date.

Land Use Committee – Lloyd 

Motion – Euro-tech – to take back to committee

Two handouts showing zoning maps.

6016 Fulton. Owner wants a zone change for part of the property. Motion to approve the R1 to be changed to R3. FINAL: Unanimous approval. Passes, except 2 vote no. We will write a letter in support.

6016 Ethel property – Zone change for part of the property. Motion to vote against the zoning change. Amendment to actively oppose. FINAL: Unanimously passes.

Q Conditions – simple outreach to the community regarding the conditions.

Motion to pass this Q condition brochure the way it is written. Seconded it. Amendment: it is not to cost more than $500. Passes unanimously.

Next meeting is April 4, 2005. Meeting adjourned.