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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen

Minutes for the Greater Valley Glen Council for General Meeting Held on November 22, 2004 to Discuss Bylaws

Call to order, roll call and pledge of allegiance.

Review of minutes from last meeting and approved, except change in Diana Lipari’s statement that “We don’t think it will relieve the traffic.” Change to "COST doesn’t believe it will relieve the traffic” so no one confuses her statement with the opinion of the Council.

Public Comments: (limited to 3 minutes per speaker)
No public comments.

Bylaws Changes:
We need 2/3 majority to pass anything.

Presentation by Carlos:
The bold italics are newer changes than the merely italic ones.

The following bylaws reflect the approved changes with the exception of Article V: The Board, Sections 2 through 7. These final sections will be reviewed and voted on at the next meeting. Each Article and Section of an Article has motions to accept the changes, followed by a Second of the motion. Followed by discussion. Some have friendly amendments. A vote then took place and the motion was either approved or rejected. Sections in red reflect changes that have been made from the original bylaws.


Article  I:        Name                                                           

Article  II:         Boundaries

Article  III:        Membership

Article  IV:       Objectives and Policies

Article  V:         The Board

Article  VI:       Officers

Article  VII:     Financial Accountability

Article  VIII: Bylaw Amendments & Motions for Reconsideration

Article  IX:       Annual Meetings

Article  X:         Grievance Procedure

Article  XI:  Elections

                                                      ARTICLE I:  NAME


The name of the organization shall be “The Greater Valley Glen Council” (GVGC).




1.  The Council’s geographic area shall be all of Valley Glen and surrounding areas as described herein. On the West, Hazeltine Avenue from Burbank Boulevard to Vanowen Street.  At Vanowen Street, the boundary runs East to Woodman Avenue, then North to Sherman Way.  At Sherman Way, the boundary runs east to the Tujunga Wash, then South along the Tujunga Wash to Vanowen Street. At Vanowen Street, the boundary runs East to Hollywood Freeway. The boundary then runs South along the Hollywood Freeway (170) to Burbank Blvd. At Burbank Boulevard, the boundary runs West to Hazeltine Avenue.  The area will be divided into six sub-areas (hereinafter refereed to as “areas”).  The area boundaries were determined according to major streets and roughly equal land-mass. By using major streets as area boundaries, this offers easy reference to Community Stakeholders to determine their area.  The area boundaries are as follows:

Area 1: North of Oxnard Street to Vanowen Street. East of Hazeltine Avenue to Woodman Avenue.

Area 2: North of Victory Boulevard to Sherman Way. East of Woodman Avenue to the Tujunga Wash.

Area 3: North of Victory Boulevard to Vanowen Street. East of the Tujunga Wash to the Hollywood Freeway (170).

Area 4: North of Burbank Boulevard to Oxnard Street. At Woodman Avenue, North to Victory Boulevard. East of Hazeltine Avenue to Fulton Avenue.

Area 5: North of Oxnard Street to Victory Boulevard. East of the Fulton Avenue to Whitsett Avenue. At Whitsett Avenue, North of Erwin Street to Victory Boulevard and East to the Hollywood Freeway (170).

Area 6: North of Burbank Boulevard to Oxnard Street. At Whitsett Avenue, North of Burbank Boulevard to Erwin Street.

            East from Coldwater Canyon Boulevard to the Hollywood Freeway (170).

(See map attached as Exhibit A)



 The Greater Valley Glen Council membership is open to all Community Stakeholders. A Community Stakeholder is anyone who lives, works, or owns property in the Greater Valley Glen Council area.  In addition, Community Stakeholders include educational institutions, religious institutions, and community organizations.




1.  The Council shall seek to enhance the economic vitality and quality of life of the community, to preserve and enhance its character, and prevent its deterioration.

2.  Methods to achieve objectives:

a.            Identify issues affecting the community, gather information concerning these issues and serve as a forum for the discussion of such issues.

b.             Strive to reach general agreement among the Community Stakeholders concerning the community’s issues and priorities.

c.            Seek resources that will benefit the community.

d.            Foster cooperation between community organizations, area businesses and institutions.

e.         Serve as a link between the community, its elected representatives and government agencies. Advise and advocate Community Stakeholders’ concerns and priorities to other elected representatives.

f.          To prohibit discrimination against any individual or group in our operations on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, income or political affiliation.

g.         The Greater Valley Glen Council will establish procedures for communicating with all the Community Stakeholders on a regular basis in a manner ensuring that the information is disseminated evenly and in a timely manner.      

h.         To utilize the Early Notification System to inform our Neighborhood Council of matters involving the City of Los Angeles and our community.



1.      Board Members shall be elected from Community Stakeholders on an Election Day to be held within 30 days after each annual meeting. The Board shall consist of no more than twenty-four voting Board Members. The allotted board seat in a given category will be filled with a Community Stakeholder who is eligible in that category by either open elections or by caucus as designated below.  Any individual representing a group or association must be designated by appointment or election by that organization. Board Members shall be from the following Community Stakeholder categories:


            a. Homeowners    1 Board Member from each of the Areas 1-6    Elected



b. Resident Occupants                          1 Board Member from each of the Areas 1-6                         Elected



            c. Merchants/Businesspersons/Commercial Property Owners

                                             1 Board Member from each of the Areas 1-6             Elected



            Definition: Merchant/Business Representatives:

            Owner/employee of retail, wholesale, industrial or service business located within the community grid area on commercially zoned property. 


Definition: Commercial Property Owner:

Owner/owner's representative            of income property within the Council area used for residential rental (including single family residence used exclusively as income producing property or multi-family housing), retail stores, offices, service businesses, industrial facilities or any other recognized commercial use.


            d. Schools:                        1 Board Member               At-large                            Caucus


                  e. Religious Institutions          1 Board Member              At-large                            Caucus


            f. Youth (age 16-19)            1 Board Member elected annually  At-large            Elected



Definition: Youth, aged 16-19, who lives, works or owns property within the Council area.


                g. Other Community Stakeholder

                                                                     2 Board Members              At-large                           Elected                           



            Definition: Other Community Stakeholder

  Any Community Stakeholder who is outside the criteria of the above-listed Community Stakeholder categories ((Homeowners, Resident Occupants, Merchant/Businesspersons/Commercial Property Owners, Schools, Religious Institutions, Youth) including, but not limited to, the homeless, workers in home based businesses, religious or educational institutions and community organizations.


h. Community Organizations

Only organizations that do not qualify under the categories of Schools or Religious Institutions are eligible. Each organization will select their representative.    

                                                1 Board Member              At-large                            Caucus


            Definition: Community Organizations:

For the purposes of selecting one of their members as a Board Member candidate, a community organization must meet all of the following criteria:


1.            Be classified as a non-profit tax-exempt organization as defined in IRS Code 501( c )(3).This category only includes those organizations whose membership is not based on residency or homeownership.


2.             Have carried out activities that involve the Community Stakeholders served by the Greater Valley Glen Council during the last twelve months immediately preceding the election for the Board.


3.            The organization maintains its principal office or headquarters within the area served by the Council or a majority of the Organization's activities and meetings occur within the area served by the Council, or a majority of the persons affiliated with the organization are Community Stakeholders of the Greater Valley Glen Council.


These following Sections through Article V, Section 7 are not yet voted on or approved.


2.  The Board shall be governed by the following rules:


a.       Board Members shall serve a term of two years beginning in the election of 2006.  In the election of 2005, half of the Board Members shall be elected for one year and the other for two years.  Thereafter, beginning in 2006, only half of the seats shall be up for election on any given year.  Elections shall be held annually.  Each Board Member shall then serve a two-year term beginning in 2006 and each seat shall be up for election every other year. The Board or a committee appointed by the Board shall determine the voting process.


b.       The President has the authority and responsibility to appoint a person to any vacancy. The appointment must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Board Members.  Appointed Board Members shall meet the same eligibility requirements that apply to the position they would fill, as are required of elected Board Members.


c.               If the Board is unable to fill a vacancy, the process for filling the vacancy will continue with each regular meeting thereafter until the time such 

          vacancy is filled.


d.        No Board Member shall serve on the Board for more than three consecutive full terms without being off the Board for at least two years.


e.       Any Board Member who misses three (3) regular Board meetings in any six (6) month period shall be notified in writing of their removal from the board, effective immediately.


f.          No Board Member shall speak or write on behalf of the Greater Valley Glen Council on matters of policy if they do not have the authority to do so. Membership on a committee does not grant the member authority to speak for the council on matters of policy without prior authorization. This provision shall not be interpreted to infringe on any person’s right to free speech.


g.         No Board Member or Community Stakeholder shall utilize the city seal for his/her personal use or in communications by individuals expressing personal opinions. The purpose of the seal is to indicate that official city business is being conducted and any other use is only permissible with prior permission from the City Clerk or the administration of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE).


h.         No Board Member or Community Stakeholder may endorse or support any political viewpoint or candidate as being supported by the Greater Valley Glen Council.  Although every Community Stakeholder is free to do so as individuals, they are not to utilize their status as a Board Member or any insignia of the Council when doing so.


i.          In situations where public statements are made, such as websites, publications, broadcasts, etc., or in discussions with public officials, if a Board Member mentions the Greater Valley Glen Council and also expresses personal opinions or positions, those personal opinions or positions must be clearly distinguished from the opinions or positions of the Council.


j.         No past Board Member shall use their former title in a way that indicates or suggests current membership on the Board.  Current Board Members may not use their position in a misleading fashion.   


k.         In the event these bylaws are violated the President or Secretary shall issue a written warning with the opportunity to correct the offending behavior. Should the offending behavior continue, the Board is authorized to pursue any of the following options; censure, removal from any applicable positions, removal as a Board Member. Censure requires a majority vote of the Board and removal requires a two-thirds majority vote of the Board. 



3.  The powers of the Board shall be those usually consistent with the operation of an organization including, but not limited to; management of fiscal affairs, the deliberation of issues and establishment of the Greater Valley Glen Council’s position on issues relevant to its Community Stakeholders through communication with the membership, the dissemination and implementation of such positions, and evaluations of persons employed by the Greater Valley Glen Council.


4.  Restrictions and Ethics:


a.             All Board Members will comply with the City's Ethics provisions and abide by all applicable laws of the local, state and federal government.


b.             No elected government official may serve as Board Members.


c.              All Board Members must comply with the Bylaws of the Council.


d.          No Board Members will be permitted to vote by proxy.


e.              Board Members shall comply with the Ralph M. Brown Act as required by law.


f.                All Board Members will comply with the financial disclosure required by the City of Los Angeles.



5. Resignation & Removal:


a.      Any Board Member may resign at any time by delivering a written resignation to the President or Secretary of the Council and said resignation shall be effective as of the date of receipt. 


b.      Any Board Member holding one of the four Officer positions or the chairperson of a committee may resign at any time by delivering a written resignation to the President or Secretary of the Council.  The resignation shall be effective as of the date of receipt and shall not constitute resignation as a Board Member.


c.   Any Board Member who becomes ineligible for the following reasons shall have their seat automatically forfeited: Board Member elected to public office or who no longer meets the definition of a Community Stakeholder in the category they represent (including but not limited to a resident/homeowner Board Member who moves out of the Greater Valley Glen Council area they represent).


d.   A Board Member may be recalled by the submission of a written petition that (1) describes the Board Member to be recalled (2) describes in detail the reason for removal and (3) includes the signature of 50 Community Stakeholders. The Secretary shall then have the matter placed in the agenda for a vote of the Board Members at the next regular meeting of the Board. A vote of No Confidence by two-thirds of the Board Members shall be necessary to remove the Board Member forthwith. The Board Member that is the subject of the removal shall not take part in the vote on this matter, but will be allowed to speak at the meeting to the Board Members prior to the vote. If a quorum of Board Members is not present to take the vote on removal, the matter shall be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting, and every meeting thereafter, until such time as a vote is taken.


6.  Meetings:


a.             The Board will meet monthly.  The meetings will be held on the first Monday of  the month except when a holiday interferes.


b.        The Board can be called into Special Session with proper notice (a minimum of 24 hours) by the President or Vice President or by a quorum of the Board.


c.         Robert’s Rules of Order Revised shall decide all question of normal order not otherwise provided for by the Greater Valley Glen Council Bylaws.


d.         A quorum for the transaction of business at any meeting of the Board shall be defined as a majority of the Board Members.  In arriving at the determination of whether there is a quorum present, the Board must take into account any absent Board Members, but need not take into account any vacated or eliminated seats.

An Official Action may be taken by majority vote of those Board Members present. In no case shall the quorum be less than ten Board Members.


e.              All items for the agenda must be submitted to the President or Secretary (by Community Stakeholders and/or Board Members) a minimum of 96 hours in advance of any meeting concerning the Greater Valley Glen Council. The President or Secretary will post or will cause to be posted the agenda 72 hours in advance of all meetings in compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act.


f.               All meetings will be conducted in accordance with the Brown Act.   


7.   Committees:


a.       The President may establish or dissolve committees as deemed necessary to facilitate and further the intent of the Greater Valley Glen Council and each shall be confirmed by a majority vote of the Board. Each committee will include at least one Board Member.


b.      The President shall have the sole authority to establish a temporary ad-hoc committee.


   c.     All committee work must be reported to the Board and no action can be taken without a vote by the Board.


      d.      The President shall appoint the Chairperson of all committees. All Committee Chairpersons shall be members of the Board. The President shall nominate committee chairpersons, and each nominee shall be confirmed by a majority vote of the Board.  A Committee Chairperson may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the Board.

The Following Articles have been approved by the Council.




1.  The Greater Valley Glen Council consists of the following four Officers:


a.         The PRESIDENT shall be the Chief Administrator and Executive Officer of the Greater Valley Glen Council.  The President shall preside over all meetings of the Greater Valley Glen Council.


b.         The VICE PRESIDENT shall, in the absence of the President, function as the presiding Officer and shall carry out the duties and responsibilities of the President. 


c.         The SECRETARY shall be responsible for the minutes of all meetings of the Officers, the Board Members, and the general membership, and for all notices issued by and for the Greater Valley Glen Council.


d.         The TREASURER shall be responsible for verification and review of all council funds, accounts of receipts and disbursements belonging to the Greater Valley Glen Council, written monthly financial report to be made available to the public at the monthly meetings and a written annual financial report to be made available to the public at the Annual Meeting.


2.  Election of Officers:


a.         The Board Members shall elect Officers from among their members at the first regular meeting of the Board following the election. Officers shall be elected by a majority vote.  Officers may be removed from their elected office by a 2/3 vote of the Board.


b.              The term of an Officer shall be for one year. 


c.         An Officer may hold the same office for a maximum of two years or serve as an Officer in any of the four Officer positions for a maximum of three years.




The Greater Valley Glen Council shall keep a book of accounts according to generally accepted accounting principles and in compliance with Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) guidelines.




1. These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the Board or by a majority vote of 100 Community Stakeholders present at any meeting, with prior notice, as long as appropriate notice of the agenda has been given.  Thereafter, any adjustment or amendment shall be submitted to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment for review and approval by the Department in accordance with Article V § 3 of the “Plan For A Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils.”


2. Reconsideration. The Board may reconsider and amend its action on items listed on the agenda if that reconsideration takes place immediately following the original action or at the next regular meeting. The Board shall (1) make a motion for reconsideration and if approved, (2) hear the matter and take an action. If the motion to reconsider an action is to be scheduled at the next meeting following the original action, then two items shall be placed on the agenda for that meeting: (1) A motion for reconsideration on the described matter and (2) a (proposed) action should the motion to reconsider be approved. A motion for reconsideration can only be made by a Board Member who has previously voted on the prevailing side of the original action taken. If a motion for reconsideration is not made on the date the action was taken, then a Board Member on the prevailing side of the action must submit a memorandum to the Secretary identifying the matter to be reconsidered and a brief description of the reason(s) for requesting reconsideration at the next regular meeting. The memorandum must be submitted to the Secretary a minimum of 96 hours prior to the meeting at which the Board Member wants the matter to be heard. The aforesaid shall all be in compliance with the Brown Act.




1.  All meetings shall comply with all applicable laws, including the Ralph M. Brown Act. Members shall hold an Annual Meeting for identification of issues, and a presentation of a financial statement and annual report.  The following applies to this meeting:


a.         The General Membership shall hold an Annual Meeting the first Monday of the month preceding the annual elections, at a location within the Greater Valley Glen Council’s area boundaries.


b.              Notice of the time, date and place of the Annual Meeting shall be posted at the

            locations listed in our public notice location log as submitted with the certification

            application. A copy of notice for all annual meetings shall be provided to DONE.




A written complaint regarding the Greater Valley Glen Council shall be submitted to the Board. The Board will than refer the matter to an ad hoc grievance panel comprised of 5 Community Stakeholders randomly selected by the Council Secretary from a list of Community Stakeholders who have expressed an interest in serving on such a panel. The Secretary will coordinate a time and place for the panel to meet with the person(s) submitting a grievance and to discuss dispute resolution. Thereafter, a panel member shall prepare a written report within two (2) months to be forwarded by the Secretary to the Board outlining the panel's recommendations for the resolving the grievance. The matter shall be heard at the next regular meeting of the Board pursuant to the Brown Act.


The formal grievance process is intended to address matters involving procedural disputes, e.g., the Board's failure to comply with Board Rules or these Bylaws, or its failure to comply with the Plan, local ordinances and/or State and federal law. If the grievance cannot be resolved through the grievance process then the complainant has the right to appeal to the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (Per Article 5 § 4 of the Plan For A Citywide System of Neighborhood Councils).


                                                                  ARTICLE XI: ELECTIONS


1. Regular Elections


a.         Regular elections of Board Members shall occur in March 2005 and annually thereafter.  Board Members shall hold their first meeting as a sworn Board on a separate meeting Day.


b.         The Board shall establish an election committee to draft procedures and determine the date of the annual Election Day.  The election procedures and election date must be approved by a majority vote of the Board Members.

c.             Any meetings held to facilitate the election process shall be held in compliance

            with the Brown Act.

 2. Eligibility

a.         All Community Stakeholders of the Greater Valley Glen Council over the age of sixteen are eligible to vote.

 b.             There shall be no proxy votes.


Meeting ends. Next meeting will be on December 6, 2004 at 7:00 pm.