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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen

Minutes for GVGC Meeting of September 13, 2004

Absent member is Shawn Pahahandeh. Excused absences for Alex Escalante and Abraham Tetenbaum.

Call to order, Pledge of allegiance, roll call. Minutes are reviewed and approved.

Speaker Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority discusses the Tujunga Wash Project. They want our Council's feedback on the project. They will conduct a more in depth meeting on 9/29/04 and take more suggestions. Contact them for details. There were questions about the types of plants that will be used, the security and number of rangers on duty. (The rangers will come randomly, four times per day), safety, lighting. Discussion about how homeowners are concerned that it will be next to the back wall of their properties. Discussion about whether there should be more trees and park benches. Council was told it is better not to light the area at night, for safety sake.

            Public Comments Discussion about the ditch against the homeowners' backyard and homeless people / safety. Comment that some people are not happy with the way the other parks they maintain look.

            Idea to involve nearby schools in the upkeep.

            Is there enough budget for security and is LAPD being involved at the onset.

Speaker Ruth Halverson from CERT Training Program. The average citizen is trained to respond when the police and fire departments are not available. It is about being smart and being prepared in your community. They left a syllabus for everyone.

Public Comments

            John Bwarie Mayor's office Gave the Council response letter from Mayor regarding no-kill animal shelter policy.

            Peer Ghent Had questions about how things could get on the agenda, what's going on with the Council's nonprofit organization, and suggested we try to make everything more fun.

Hallie Kemper announced that Candy Campbell could not be at meeting but wants us know about BBQ, smart crosswalk, Fulton Avenue sidewalks, and cleanup of Victory medians.

Speaker Laurie Levine regarding "Valley Glen." 170 Hollywood Freeway Signs. She has approval for the signs, but just wants some money from the Council. She suggested at least $2000-$3000. There is a bid for $10,000 to do the project. There are two signs for 170 freeway and two signs for off ramps. The money will be needed in November or December.

            Council voted to send the issue to Beautification Committee to discuss, then it can be brought to the full Council.

President's Report Hallie Kemper. We have our funds. We as a Council have done in four months what it usually takes six months to do. Please turn in Mayor's Budget Surveys. Rena and Sharon volunteer to tabulate the surveys. Carlos and Larry will go to the Mayor's Budget meeting. There are some changes to some of our existing committees; lists are provided. Annabelle and Max have been the only two public members to volunteer to be on a committee. Mark Taylor has resigned. Max will be on the Council, but Hallie wants the Council to vote even though she has the authority to appoint him. Max will represent Grid 4.

            Max speaks about himself. The Council votes for him to be a member.

Treasurer's Report Vic Viereck. On the state of our funding. Flyers.

Board Member Comments Neighborhood Association information and AB 2702 passed legislation and is on the Governor's desk (we should say no to this, Terry says (916) 445-2841), information about Valley Glen Neighborhood Association events. Parking passes expire; will get new ones for Council. Information about Business License Tax and Ad Hoc Committee meeting.

Hallie announces that Deanna of DONE could not be at the meeting.

LAPD Report Reduction in crime.

            Public questions to LAPD about crime, lapse of assault weapon ban.

Committee Reports

            Land Use Committee working on pamphlet with Q conditions.

            Government Relations working on no-kill animal shelters and renewable energy project.

            Ad Hoc Committee Wants to make sure we have all the facts before we make a decision.

            Public Safety Committee neighborhood watch information.

            Bylaws and Election Committee almost finishing drafting bylaws and will post them on computer. The changes will be in italics.

Valley Alliance Report Vic Viereck Meeting last week, discussion about the cent sales tax, wrapping up paper on Inclusionary Zoning.

Presentation by Bylaws and Election Committee Presents ideas about change of election date and name change. Election voted to be changed to April 2004 by the Council. Then presentation about potential name change to either: Greater Valley Glen Council or Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council. Argument for adding the word "Greater" since 1/3 of stakeholders fall outside of Valley Glen. Then arguments presented for and against the two potential new names. We need 2/3 approval by the Council for the name change to happen. Arguments for and against each name by Council members.

            Public Comment support for the word "greater."

            Council votes to change the name of our council to the Greater Valley Glen Council approved.

            Now it will be sent to DONE.

Beautification Report Shows us the planting locations and talks about outreach. Council votes to accept the planting locations approved. Also Council voted to let the committee apply for matching funds - approved. Motion to let the committee start planning events like the Xmas party and to bring back dates, budget and information; this passes.

The next meeting is October 4, 2004.

Meeting ends.