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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen

Greater Valley Glen Council Minutes for November 1, 2004

Pledge of allegiance. Minutes approved. Roll call. Christelle Naddaf has an excused absence. Alex Escalante and Jennifer Goldsmith are not present.

Guest Speaker - Diana Lipari – presentation opposing the Orange Line. She shows us information about the Environmental Impact Report with respect to the Orange Line busway. Her group COST filed oppositions. She says MTA has incorrect numbers, and COST will present problems and new numbers to the MTA. May be future problems with crime, drag racing, and it will be dangerous at the crossings. We also don’t think it will relieve the traffic. High density, multi-residential developments can be built within a quarter of a mile of nodes for the Orange Line. There are financial incentives in place to encourage developers; there will essentially be inclusionary housing around the nodes. This will mean less parking and higher density for our single-family neighborhoods.

Guest Speaker – Bureau of Sanitation Randy Brice, civil engineer. Talking about the sanitary sewer system. Water goes to treatment plants. L.A. has had little treatment of its waste water; it has been upgraded over the last 20 years. It used to not be treated at all, but just put into the bay. Randy is here to talk about a proposed rate increase for the sewer charge. Requirements imposed upon us: clean sewers every year, odor control, root control, get greases out of the sewer system, make repairs of sewers. Yet the city has only raised the sewer service charge 3% in the last 12 years (it was done last year). The average charge for a single family residence is $23 per month for a family and it will go up $1.75 per month for the same family.
Terry – Find the money elsewhere.
Vic – Will this tax be passed along to the rent control units? Randy – not aware of any discussions about this.
Hallie – when will this go before the city council? Randy – not sure.
Hallie – This is to be referred to government relations committee to do research on this and go forward.

Public Comments – 3 minutes each

Mayoral candidate Bob Hertzberg – Here to say hello. Lives nearby in Sherman Oaks. “I represented the San Fernando Valley and left government. Then came back and got involved in the community.” He is tired of what he sees, ie. Government not planning or thinking long-term.

John Bwarie – Mayor Hahn’s office – Tells us about events to attend. Mayor’s Budget process has ended. Two representatives from the South Valley will represent South Valley interests. Carlos Ferreyra will be one of the representatives.

Annabelle – Busway. Doesn’t like the idea of more buses because people will get stuck behind buses.

Greg - My fears about neighborhood council came true. Doesn’t feel North Hollywood is being represented. Doesn’t like the signs that say, “Valley Glen.” Don’t leave out North Hollywood and Valley Village.

Larry – Agree and invite him to come to beautification meetings. We want to do things for the whole area.

Marta – North Hollywood neighborhood prosecutor – Explains about neighborhood prosecutor program, putting prosecutors into the neighborhood. Burglary of motor vehicles is a major problem.

Valerie – Problem at Cambridge Farms recycling bins. Are the recycling centers in compliance?

Marta – Yes. I am aware of this problem. City attorney will not prosecute people for going through dumpsters for items that can be recyclable in order to eat. Compliance would be handled by building and safety.

Hallie Kemper – Congress of Neighborhoods was a success. Walgreens had a grand opening. Meeting of the Valley Alliance. Community Policing event on Oct. 27; crime is down and Chief Bratton will find the money for more police if Prop 1A doesn’t pass.

President’s Report
– People we can add to the council. Shawn has moved, but Hallie will nominate him to be back on the council in his previous spot.
Terry – thinks you should not be able to serve when you leave the area. It defies logic. Against the bylaws.
Carlos – We have to either follow the bylaws or be flexible with it.
Mickey – If someone comes from the area who wants to run, this person should be able to replace Shawn.
Hallie – We need to fill vacancies to make sure we have a quorum and a full council.
Judy (public) – He was duly elected from a certain grid. We are trying to circumvent the bylaws. You should get somebody from the area.
Motion:  To accept Shawn as being on the council even though he moved out of the area until another homeowner is found to fill grid 5. All yes except Terry said “no” and Rena abstained.
Sharon Noble (public) – speaks as a potential new member of the council. Representing Grid 3 as a homeowner.
Motion to add her to the council. She is unanimously added to our council.
HallieIntroducing Linda Wehrli as a potential new member of the Council. Meets all criteria except being in the R3 zone. She is a merchant in our area. Hallie appoints her to be on our council. She wants approval by the full council.
Annabelle – add word “interim”. Make it a short-term position and can be replaced at any moment.
Hallie – Friendly amendment to make it an interim position. Short-term.
Carlos- If we have someone willing to work, let’s go for it.
Linda Wehrli – I want to make the area beautiful and safe.
Hallie makes motion to accept Linda to our board with friendly amendment that if we find someone to replace her, she will be replaced. All members voted yes except Terry voted no, and Sharon Noble and Martin abstained.

Treasurer's Report: Vic – Budget transfers authorized at the last meeting.

Board Member Comments:
– Holiday party. Adopt a family program.
Vic – Redevelopment agency report by Laura Chick. We should keep an eye on community redevelopment agencies and how they spend our money.
Abraham – Family event at Beverly Garlands, Nov. 7th.
Mickey – neighbors submitted a petition for speed bumps but were short the number of signatures. Mickey wants our council to help them, put some pressure on the city.
Charlotte – Newspaper articles written that mentioned our council.
Carlos – suggest we send a note to Candy Campbell due to the death of her father.
Patricia Davenport from Wendy Greuel’s office – Here if I can help in any way.
Committee Reports – no comments.

Bylaws Committee - Larry Hanna – need to make a small bylaws change. Election date and annual meeting. Article 9: annual meeting. Meeting to be the first Monday preceding the elections. Motion to approve. This is unanimous.
DONE wants us to have our elections in March (Section One of Article 11) and annually thereafter. Board will establish an election committee. Election procedures and date will be approved by the majority. Motion to approve the Article 11 changes, adding March 2005 and annually thereafter and approved by majority. Approved unanimously.

Public Safety Committee - Sharon Anton – neighborhood watch list. Fill it out. CERT Training.  I started an apartment watch. Graffiti, trash, illegal dumping. Wrote version on how to be a good neighbor. We gave this out to every tenant in the neighborhood on five different streets. Passed out the flyer and has seen a reduction in problems. Wants to give it to other councils and perhaps print a brochure. She wants to make a motion to support her so she can go to other people and get this flyer distributed to everyone. 
Larry – Let’s put “Valley Glen” on the flyer.
Charlotte – Agrees. And add name of our council.
Abraham – Takes issue with the curfew law the way it is written on the flyer.
Larry – Give it to the community prosecutor and the Van Nuys police station first  to make sure they think it is ok. Friendly amendment.
Motion: Public safety committee contact city entities to see who is willing to work with us on this how to be a good neighbor idea and members must contact her within a week with any additions/changes (friendly amendment). Unanimous except two people opposed. We will keep working on this document with the help of other city officials.

Max – Communications Committee – Website, Business cards and newsletter information. Submit articles. Let me know my Nov. 15th if you want a business card. I inherited the website. Need some authority to enhance, manipulate, and keep the website current. And I need to know the guidelines.
Motion: to give the communications committee the authority to operate and administer the website. Unanimous approval by the council.

Mickey – Beautification and Event Planning Committee-  Plants, etc. Then holiday party. Flyer passed out to us. Music, food. We want authorization of the budget as laid out on the sheet with a total of $3300. Friendly amendment for extra $500 for entertainment, so total would now be $3800. The extra $500 would come from beautification in the event that more money is needed for entertainment (friendly amendment).
Vic – Concern about complaints, bad publicity having parties.
Hallie – DONE wants us to do outreach and the party falls under outreach.
Unanimous approval of the motion, except Sharon Noble is opposed and Vic and Charlotte abstain.

Charlotte – Government Relations Committee -
Motion: Mayoral Debate – Presented by Vic Viereck. Authorization to have one and start planning it. To get a space, get commitment from candidates, figure out the details with the Universal City North Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and using Valley College. There is unanimous approval by the council.
Motion: – Regarding the “Eyes on the Neighborhood” issue – Presentation by Vic & Charlotte. To write a letter and add that members of neighborhood councils should be able to have the authority to notify city departments of problems in an area that have gone unnoticed. Unanimous approval by the council.
Presentation of Animal Shelter Proposal – two documents to be sent.
Motion: to approve them and friendly amendment to add that it will first be sent to new General Manger of Animal Services with invitation to come to our council to discuss. If he doesn’t come by the next meeting, the document to be sent to Mayor’s office, city council, animal commission, neighborhood councils & interested parties. Motion is unanimously approved by the full council.

Lloyd – Nonprofit Committee – He is still researching this issue.

Next General meeting is to be December 6, 2004.
Meeting Ends.