Regular Board Meeting

Greater Valley Glen Council

Cafeteria Conference Room, Valley College

                                                                       June 5, 2006                                                                        

Agenda Item 1  Roll Call

Meeting called to order by Chair at 7:15 PM

Pledge of Allegiance 

Role Call-

                Present: Anderson, Anton, Gatti, Gledberg, Jannol, Lavine, Laws, Pezzner. Popenoe

                Poster, Price, Shapiro, Simon, Sweet, Ueland,

                Absent: Donobedian, Olive, K Panahandeh, Viereck, Wehrli            

                Late arrival- Freedman,  S Panahandeh, Nelson, Tabibian

Agenda Item 2 Dax Martin SLO

                Officer Martin discussed the August 1 National Night Out at Valley Glen Park

                Motion to provide donation of $600.00 at 2 locations for food and beverage.

                Motion to spend up to $750.00 for 10,000 flyers. Mickey will donate printing costs.

                Amendment to motion: Allocate expenses as necessary as long as total does not exceed

                $1, 350.00. Voice vote: Passes.

Agenda Item 3 Public Comments

Michael Randall: council should spend money on removing security bars/gates that are no longer allowed under the Q conditions. Suggestion was referred to Plum committee. Michael will work with committee.


                Bail bond office opened on Woodman that is illegal. Building & Safety has cited the business.


                Colee- A lot of noise and shopping carts due to Vallarta Market on Vanowen at Woodman.


Diana Lipari- February 6 minutes never discussed original minutes. A fabrication exists and she will pursue.


                Sharon Ford- CalTrans proposes to remove part of the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Preserve.

Agenda Item 4 Minutes March 22, 2006

                Motion by Anderson to insert language into the minutes that stated Price called a dinner break before the quorum was broken due to the departure of 9 board members.  Lavine refused to include the wording because the event did not take place. Larry Hanna offered board members the opportunity to view his videotape of the meeting to prove a dinner break was not called before the quorum was broken. After 25 minutes, Anderson withdrew his motion. Minutes were than approved as written with one change, correct spelling for parliamentarian.

Agenda Item 5  Minutes April 3, 2006


Agenda Item 6  Minutes May 1, 2006


Agenda Item 7  Minutes May 18, 2006


Note: Motion to extend meeting to 9:45 PM passed by voice vote.

Agenda Item 8  Treasurer's Report


                New items added to the report. Budget due for period of February 2005 to March 2006. Audit is about finished.

                Rough draft of survey presented for community input as to how to spend money. Motion by Jannol to spend $750.00 on flyers for survey passed by voice vote.

There is a credit balance of $4,226.00 at Canyon Way Nursery.

Motion by Jannol, seconded by Shapiro to accept the finance report. Passes by voice vote.

Agenda Item 9 Committees


Restructuring of committees was skipped.


a. Motion for Victory Blvd. Monument Signs passed by voice vote.

b. 1. Laurel Grove Park-

Motion for two concrete benches costing $3,000.00 and 2 plaques to be placed on the previously approved two game table sets and four chairs was passed by voice vote...

    2. Valley Glen Community Park-

Motion passed by voice vote to hold community meeting in July or August to gather a consensus on improvements since there is $65,000.00 in Quimby Funds. Meeting will be publicized from Whitsett to Hazel tine and Burbank to northern boundary. Cost $750.00 for 10,000 flyers and $375.00 for 5,000.

Arts & Education:

Motion to extend logo contest to June 9, 2006 passes by voice vote:

Motion to hold planting at the Grant High Serenity garden withdrawn

Motion to fund $500.00 for library books to each elementary school was withdrawn.

Motion to fund $500.00 for Grant HS Music Dept was withdrawn.

Planning & Land Use:

Mansionization flyer will go out around July 20th to announce joint meeting with the VGNA. Motion to authorize $1,500.00 for flyers and distribution. Voice vote: Passes.

 Partial minutes recorded through 9:45 PM and submitted by:  Laurie Lavine, secretary