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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen

Minutes May 2, 2005 – Greater Valley Glen Council - General Meeeting

Roll Call, Pledge of Allegiance – All present except Carole Sher. Max Bulwa leaves during speeches to Candy Campbell.

Review of Minutes – Motion to accept. Passes unanimously.

Public Comments:

Annabelle – Pass out info about sound wall for the 170 freeway and handout about arson awareness week. Temporary preferential parking issue (Sylvan Street). Synagogue (Larry refers this information to Land Use committee).

Recognition of outstanding service by Candy Campbell. Larry Hanna wants to make resolution, “BE IT RESOLVED CANDY CAMPBELL has given outstanding service as Council Deputy to Wendy Greuel and liaison to the Greater Valley Glen Council; and

IN RECOGNITION OF HER SERVICE in helping further the common goal of making our City a better place in which to live:

The GREATER VALLEY GLEN COUNCIL thanks you for your dedication and sacrifices of time in the generous support of our community.

CANDY leaves a legacy of touching the lives and hearts of thousands of people and making their lives a little better.

Hallie Kemper, Carlos Ferreyra, Terry Anderson, Mario Sweet and Scott Halliburton make speeches to Candy Campbell, too.

Pat Davenport from Wendy Greuel’s office – Handouts. Protecting unique homes. Cal Trans improvement project information – handout with phone numbers. Events – Thurs. May 26, get together for Candy Campbell – we will get an email about this. Traffic Safety fair handout.

Motion to move number 16 on agenda and place it between number 8 and 9. Passes unanimously.

LAPD Report – Residential Zone unit and record parking violations before and after school and send parking tickets to people. They need video cameras to help do this. They want cameras donated to this program. Talked to school district about the letter that has to be sent out to parents in advance – school district agreed to one letter at the start of the year instead of many letters. This program has been greatly successful. Sharon says make a motion to buy two cameras for them.

Terry – what is commitment that the cameras will be used in Valley Glen. Terry wants us to buy four cameras.

Charlotte Laws – hesitant about public response. How does the community feel about this? Is this only for congestion reasons?

Officer, “yes.”

Pat Davenport – Issue is the safety of children. Hazard to the lives of these children.

Motion to purchase four cameras. Passes unanimously.

Dale Trush  - presentation - Small 4000 square foot lots being used for huge houses in Sunland/Tujunga. Step one – to make homes conform to the size of the lot. Valley Village large homes being built on larger lots (7000) – introduced ordinance there too. The situation in each area is different. He wants to do one city-wide ordinance in which you can go through each neighborhood to decide what relates to your area and use the tools to do what you need to do. There is a lack of architectural interest in these new, large homes and they create a lack of privacy for neighbors. Valley Glen will be part of that tool box process. That motion will be introduced within the next week. It will be introduced by Wendy Greuel in the next week. Many of these structures are ruining the walking experience in the neighborhoods.

Charlotte Laws – Would like for Wendy to email us with the information when it has been put together in a week.

Carlos – the city of L.A. does not enforce the laws that are currently in place.

Charlotte Laws – The law will help curtail problematic issues with respect to development, building. It is easier to enforce something before it has been done, before money has been spent.

Dale – It will deal with landscaping, window design, etc.

Captain Sweet from North Hollywood and Captain Lizarraga – presentation. Hiring freeze, has not been able to promote anyone for two years. Now found some money to hire officers. But they lose officers each year due to retirement, etc.

Timothy Kephart – Graffiti expert. Actionable intelligence that can be obtained from graffiti. It costs 15 million dollars for L.A. to contain graffiti. Information can go into a database to track down taggers or can be used in court for motive of murder, etc. It has been an effective program. He is offering a paid service to provide the software for the police departments. They provide the software and provide training to help officers. This sends message to the taggers that this information is being documented. The cost is $3000 per division or $5000 for both Van Nuys and North Hollywood divisions. Easy program to use. It is only for graffiti intelligence.

Rick N. – volunteer with LAPD. The police now keep the info by tag name on Microsoft Excel. They can bring up the tags by that name. Individual citizens also document with cameras.

Carlos – Motion to send it to committee to look at it again.

Charlotte – Amend to talk to some of the other councils in the area to get the input on this. And ask the affected councils to pay the portion so we don’t have to bear the whole burden.

Terry – Check out the references for the places it has been in effect.

Deanna Stevenson – She has a name of someone to contact on this program.

Carlos – I want Safety Committee to look into it, to be the lead person for this.

Motion – send it to the Public Safety Committee and have the review it in more detail and tale to other councils and look at references. Passes unanimously.

Move number 15 up to number 7. Passes unanimously.

Anush Bakery and Market liquor license discussion – Located at 6700 Coldwater. Want a conditional use permit for liquor sales. Hearing date on this is Friday, May 13, 2005.

Carlos – Why should we vote in your favor?

Response – there are not that many places in the area that sell liquor.

Judy Price – it is a nice market, they are a good neighbor. You should not automatically deny this.

Scott Halliburton leaves the meeting.

Terry’s Motion: if you get a continuance, you can resubmit it to the Land Use committee so we have enough time to review it. Passes. Everyone votes yes, except Sharon Anton, Vic Viereck and Christelle Naddaf abstain.

Treasurer’s Report by Vic Viereck – Handout of the financial report. Total balance figure for June 30, 2005 is $32,140.63.  Our available funding was $15,411.28 as of Feb 17, 2005. It looks like we will fall short of the $50,000 annual budget. We could easily end up with a June 30 surplus of $20,000, including $5543 from the period that ended on June 30, 2004 Reimbursement receipts from members who need to be reimbursed is usually inadequate to be given reimbursement.

Charlotte Laws – Can we carry over extra money to the next year?

Deanna Stevenson – Yes, we probably can carry it over.

Carlos – the new mayor could make different recommendations.

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report – passes unanimously.

Board Member Comments:

Mario Sweet – question for the police officer. 3 way stop sign & signal question. 

Shawn – the website. He has checked around, and the cost is similar to what Max was saying. He will continue research and talk to the communications committee.

Committee Reports –

Sharon Anton – Public Safety Committee – Cert class is starting. We need more people.

Valerie Olive – Ad Hoc Committee regarding Increased Density / Affordable Housing and its impact on neighborhoods in Los Angeles. I will have a motion by June on this issue. It is complicated.

Abby Tetenbaum – Cultural Affairs Committee – Had our first meeting. Three of five members attended. See me and get involved. Wants to first find out who the artists in Valley Glen are.

Valerie Olive  – I want it on the record that I want some money spent for improvement in my area. KMPC for a screening project. And the park south of 170 and east of Whitsett. I want some money spent in my neighborhood.

Larry Hanna - Planning Director forms have been passed out. We are supposed to fill out and return them.

Carlos Ferreyra – Election Procedures – It has been up-to-date and will be put on the website. Pass out of the dates. Thursday the 14th will be the caucus immediately following the election. Committee meeting will be early next week for the election procedures. They have been sent to DONE for approval.

Charlotte Laws – presentation – Government Relations. Motion to approve the letter that has been passed out to send to city, clerk city council and interested parties (i.e. Silverlake Council) so that Neighborhood councils will have the ability to refer matters to the city council in the same way other city departments do. Passes unanimously.

POSSE – presentation and motion to send a letter to Wendy Greuel to model a POSSE for the area after what Zine does in his district. Passes unanimously.

Next meeting is Monday June 6, 2005.

Meeting adjourned.