Government Relations Committee

Chair: Charlotte Laws

March 23, 2009


Call to order. Roll Call: Present – Charlotte Laws, Vic Viereck, Monte Mazo

Discussion about Van Nuys, Burbank and Los Angeles Airports . Possible increase in noise at VN if Burbank ends flights after 10 pm. FAA to make decision. No declines in LAX flights other than transfers. Remodel necessary to allow larger planes access. No motion made.

Foreclosure Action Network – motion made by Charlotte Laws and seconded by Vic Viereck – “The Greater Valley Glen Council wishes to participate in the Foreclosure Action Network and appoints Charlotte Laws to attend meetings and act as a liaison for the Council.” Passes unanimously.

Election vs. Appointment for CD 2 seat. Motion made by Charlotte Laws and seconded by Vic Viereck, “The Greater Valley Glen Council advocates holding a special election for the 2nd City Council District seat which will be vacated by Wendy Greuel on July 1, 2009. It is important that the voters have the opportunity to choose their representative. The last mayoral appointment for a City Council seat occurred way back in the 1960’s.” Motion passes unanimously.

DWP water conservation. Water shortage due to more people, not enough rain, not making effective use of recycled water. Discussion about current sources of water and desalinization. June 1 – date to cut water usage by 15% from a year ago.

Boardmember Comments –

Monte discussed Form 54.

Vic mentioned upcoming ballot initiatives and said this should be on agenda for next meeting. He also announced a United Chamber of Commerce Coalition event in which the California Constitution will be discussed.

Meeting Adjourned.