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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen

October 4, 2004 General Meeting
Greater Valley Glen Council

Pledge of allegiance, roll call. Absent member is Jennifer Goldsmith. Minutes approved with two minor changes (listed on website).

LAPD Report – don’t leave things in your car; they may get stolen. Toyota Camry before 1996 is easy to steal with scissors. LAPD takes questions from council members.

Neighborhood Prosecutor Report by Tamar Galatzan – Closure of Victory Spa which was front for prostitution. Owner evicted tenants and property will be sold or re-rented. Tow truck issue. Be careful where you park; the tow truck companies like to tow and hold cars for ransom. Recycler center issue and proximity to residential properties.

Wendy Greuel – Business Tax Reform. Handout. How to attract and keep businesses. We lose businesses every day to surrounding cities.

  1. No tax on small businesses
  2. Businesses not taxed on money they don’t get
  3. Pilot rate re-assignment
  4. 15% cut across the board
  5. Reduce the number of categories
  6. Targeted tax incentives for certain growth industries

It is a phase-in process. It is all about jobs for the city. Questions from council members about who might oppose the proposal, whether the ideas have been used in other communities.  57% of our businesses fit into the $100,000 or less. Motion and the council unanimously agrees to support the proposal.

Oct. 22 is opening of Walgreens, 10 am.

Child Health and Safety Fair on Oct. 16.

Some sidewalks need to be repaired. It would take 83 years to fix the sidewalks that currently need to be fixed. We need to expedite repairs. Wendy has created a 50/50 program. Work will be completed within 30 working days. It is a 90 day pilot program.

Director of Street Services … William Robertson – Streets in bad condition. Funding issue. In next year, he is proposing an increase in budget and surface that can be covered because he has found a way to save money, so it won’t cost the city extra at all. Questions from council members. Public question about why Valley Glen medians are not maintained and why other areas get more attention. If we give him map, he will go to his landscaping guys.

John Bwarie with Mayor Hahn’s office – Hybrid vehicle owners can park for free at meters for six months. Date on flyer for the metro governance council meeting is Oct. 6, not Sept. 1st. Mayor is working on signal timing issue. Photo radar enforcement.

Public Comment – Person on board must resign if he or she moves out of the district. Shawn has moved out of the area and this is his last meeting,

Hallie Kemper gives President’s Report – We have gotten all of our funds. We have a successful name change to Greater Valley Glen Council. This Sat. is the Congress of Neighborhoods at 8:30 am. We have been lax about Robert’s Rules; review of the them. Stay on topic when speaking. We can table agenda items if we don’t finish on time.

Vic Viereck’s Treasurer’s Report – Review of the budget. Question about giving money to a nursery and T shirt company.

Authorized Budget Transfers per Treasurer:
$4600 from the quarterly newspaper for the 1st quarter to beautification projects.
Also $1000 out of office operations; $1300 out of outreach and postage; $200 out of meetings: and $2500 out of community events. This totals $5000 and goes to beautification projects.

Beautification / Event Planning Report by Scott Halliburton and Mickey Jannol – Freeway sign proposal. Committee approved $5000 for freeway sign project, motion for this. Questions from council members about where money is coming from for this. Motion to re-allocate funds from the newspaper and beautification to the freeway signs. Motion passes unanimously. Beautification committee will find out where the checks need to go for this. Motion passes unanimously. Checks will be written to Cal Trans and / or its designees for the freeway signs – motion passes unanimously.

T shirt design – slide that shows different options for the T shirt design. Committee chooses number 4. Friendly amendment – change to “Plant a Tree - Grow a Community.”  There are 12 no’s and 7 yes’ by council members.

Friendly amendment that we accept the principle idea of the shirt that does not change the shirt much. (Shirt number 4).  Giving them the power to fine-tune. And part of amendment is that we are accepting option number four and fine-tuning. It passes. Everyone votes for it except two members.

Gateway signs for Valley Glen – two proposed locations: on Victory median and Fulton and Burbank.  Applying for matching funds for gateway signs that say “Welcome to Valley Glen” and that the funding be worked out in the committee. Pay for half thru matching funds. Motion is go forward with matching funds for the two signs. Elegant, but low maintenance design. Question about how to involve community in this, labor. We would later vote on design and which sign we would prefer. Question about matching funds date and cost of the signs. Question about where the money is coming from with respect to our budget. Friendly amendment to allow the committee to work within a $5000 budget within the first quarter budget left-over funds. Another friendly amendment to include volunteer labor in this. Passes unanimously.

Planting is Sat. Nov. 6th at 10:00 am.

Events – Discussion of a Holiday Dinner party buffet. Committee wants to allow for committee to investigate the option of educational entertainment for children at the party. Motion for this. Public comment that maybe taxpayer dollars should not go for this kind of an event. Answer: Outreach. Motion is for an afternoon holiday party including children. Unanimously approved.

Board Member Comments - 

Communication and Beautification committees should make sure to post meeting times in a very timely manner because they have the highest budgets. Agenda is too long tonight. It is very late. Get map from the Dept. of Engineering. We have to really look at alternative proposals for Inclusionary Zoning.

Mayor’s Budget Survey – Motion to accept the compilation of the 77 people’s returns surveys and the tabulations. The amendment to accept the majority passes unanimously. The motion passes unanimously.

Communications Committee Presentation by Hallie Kemper and Max Bulwa – Motion to let the committee create newspaper that will be sent out to Valley Glen. Friendly amendment to make the inaugural newspaper. Unanimous approval except one person abstains.

Business cards – Motion to have the communications committee create the business cards. It would be 500 cards per person. Vote is 10 yes, 5 no and 4 abstain. Motion passes.

Non profit organization presentation by Lloyd Nelson – Nonprofit has been suspended. Motion to dissolve the nonprofit. Comment about disappointment with committee, none of people who were involved with the nonprofit previously were contacted and they had potentially valuable information. Laurie Levine discusses the nonprofit. Motion to table the nonprofit and discuss it next time and take it back to committee. Unanimous approval except Carlos abstains.

Bylaws Proposal by Valerie  Olive -  Motion to table this until the next meeting. Acknowledge idea to place at the front of the next meeting. 10 yes, 6 no, and 1 abstain. We could have a special meeting to discuss this.

Measure A Public Safety Tax by Terry – ½ cent sales tax for public safety.  No guarantee that we will have increased police officers, etc. Motion to oppose Measure A. Comments about it being unfair to the citizens of this community. Passes unanimously.

Renewable energy proposal by Charlotte Laws – For 20% renewable energy to be the goal for DWP for 2010, as defined by state law. 10 yes, 1 no, and 5 abstain.

November 1st is the next official meeting.

Meeting ends.