Minutes – Government & Business Relations Committee – October 27, 2009

Roll call – present are Charlotte Laws, Vic Viereck, Carlos Ferreyra, Monte Mazo and Peer Ghent.

No public comment.

1. Discussion about city workers and electeds receiving more than one pension. Committee referred it to LANCC and Valley Alliance for their input.

2. Mou between NCs and Rec & Parks and Quimby funds. Idea to invite someone from Park and Recs Commission to next Committee meeting. Report at next General Council meeting that we are investigating putting together an MOU for citywide use. Committee will invite Mickey Jannol to come to our next meeting to discuss Quimby Funds that are available.

3. Increase in appeal fees. Committee deferred this issue to the Land Use Committee, who have it on their agenda for the same day.

4. Motion: “The GVGC supports Grieg Smith’s motion (council file number 09-1222-S1) and suggests elections be vote-by-mail only when involving special elections held to fill vacancies that are not city-wide and that do not involve other issues on the ballot.”

Motion made by Carlos, seconded by Charlotte . Passes unanimously.

5. Discussion about a rate payer advocate. Committee advises that an unpaid rate payer advocate commission be established with one commissioner chosen per planning area. The Neighborhood Councils would vote to support two candidates per planning district and the mayor would then select one of the two to fill that seat.   

Possibly commissioners could be paid a per diem rate.

6. Monte and Carlos will survey billboards in Valley Glen and come to the next committee meeting with a list / report. Then committee will ask city if they are legal.

Boardmember comments –

Agenda item suggestion for next meeting – candidate cannot run for office until they have resigned from any current office he or she holds.   

Suggestion that the next meeting be a dinner meeting at Numero Uno at 6:30 pm.

Agenda item suggestion - hiring additional people to monitor and enforce with regards to signage.

Agenda item suggestion – criminal charges to hire a day laborer and not pay him / her.

Agenda item suggestion – future city employees to pay higher co-pay on medical.