Minutes – Government and Business Relations Committee
May 25, 2010

Chair – Charlotte Laws


Roll call. Present – Charlotte Laws, Monte Mazo, Vic Viereck, Carlos Ferreyra.


1. No public comment


2. LA DWP Issues – Council File # 09-2544

Following motion made by Charlotte Laws and seconded by Monte Mazo. Passes Unanimously.


“The Greater Valley Glen Council (GVGC) generally agrees with Councilman Grieg Smith’s motions related to the Department of Water and Power in Council File 09-2544. The GVGC suggests the following:


1. Improve customer service and make customer billing more transparent and easier to understand.

2. Put a charter reform measure on the ballot to require the DWP’s budget, which was previously a closed book, to be voted on and adopted by the City Council.

3. Put a charter reform measure on the ballot requiring Council approval for all rate and payroll increases.

4. Put a charter reform measure on the ballot for wage and pension parity, leveling the “paying field” between DWP positions, which pay much higher salaries, and identical positions in other City Departments. Wages and pensions would be based on the lower of the two.

5. Discontinue employee migration to DWP.

6. Put a charter reform measure on the ballot to enable the City Council to remove any DWP Commissioner with a 2/3 majority vote.

7. Put a charter reform measure on the ballot to enable the City Council to remove any DWP General Manager with a 2/3 majority vote.

8. Reform the DWP Board of Commissioners, removing the Mayor’s sole appointment authority and dividing it among the Mayor, City Council and Neighborhood Councils. A certain number of Commissioners would also be required to have requisite expertise in specific industries. 

9. Put a ratepayer advocate or ratepayer advocate committee in place to serve as an independent watchdog over the DWP and over any rate increases.”


3. LA City Council Boycott of Arizona and Arizona Businesses. Council File # 10-0002-S36


The following motion was made by Monte Mazo and seconded by Vic Viereck. Public comment from Ted Gelberg. Motion passes unanimously.


“The Greater Valley Glen Council (GVGC) supports Arizona Senate Bill 1070. Furthermore, we oppose the LA City Council’s boycott of Arizona . We feel the Mayor and Councilmember’s time is better spent rectifying the problems in Los Angeles rather than meddling in the affairs of another state.”


4. Rent control / stabilization. Council file #10-0613. This issue has been sent back to housing and PLUM . Moratorium was supposed to be a year. Then changed to 4 months, then 6 months. Sent all back to committee in the end. The following motion passes unanimously:


“The Greater Valley Glen Council (GVGC) opposes any more restrictive changes to the rent stabilization ordinance.”


5. No boardmember comments. Meeting adjourned.