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Increased Neighborhood Council Funding for Street Paving

From Mayor Hahn's Office...

February 7, 2005


LOS ANGELES -- Mayor Jim Hahn today announced that he is increasing
the budget of each neighborhood council across the city by $100,000.

"Nobody knows what neighborhoods need more than the neighborhood
councils that represent them," said Mayor Hahn. "Neighborhood
councils have long listed street services as one of their top
priorities. Today, I am turning the control of $100,000 of street
repairs over to each neighborhood council, for them to use as they
see fit within their own communities."

Neighborhood councils can chose to spend the $100,000 in any number
of ways on street resurfacing projects. Neighborhood councils can
elect to repave streets, slurry seal miles of road or even join with
another neighborhood council to resurface long thoroughfares or
streets where their boundaries meet.

To make the process easier, the Bureau of Street Services already
provides each neighborhood council with an assessment of street
conditions within its boundaries. "Street services is such a crucial
element in improving the quality of life in neighborhoods across Los
Angeles," said Eric Reuveni, vice president of the Midtown North
Hollywood neighborhood council. "Within our neighborhood council, it
is a top priority. By giving the neighborhood councils actual
decisionmaking authority over these funds, Mayor Hahn is really
giving the power back to the people."

In the current fiscal year, Mayor Hahn doubled the number of miles of
streets that were resurfaced or slurry sealed. The $100,000 that
Mayor Hahn is providing to each neighborhood council is in addition
to the annual allocation to the Bureau of Street Services for its
ongoing resurfacing projects.

The Bureau of Street Services has been especially visible within
communities over the past few weeks as crews worked around the clock
to fill over 13,000 potholes caused by the devastating storms in
Southern California. Mayor Hahn's decision to allocate $100,000 to
each neighborhood council for street repairs demonstrates his
commitment to repairing roads, thereby improving the quality of life
for all Los Angeles residents.

Mayor Hahn's commitment is to bring City Hall closer to the
residents of Los Angeles through the neighborhood council system.
The 85 certified neighborhood councils in Los Angeles already
receive annual budgets of $50,000, which they spend on equipment,
activities or services for the benefit of the communities they
represent. Some examples of spending have included new playground
equipment, street fairs or anti-graffiti programs, to name a few.

Last year, neighborhood councils participated for the first time in
the city's priority-based budget process. Neighborhood councils
across the city developed lists of their neighborhood priorities,
most often listing public safety and street services as the top two
items on their lists. Representatives from the neighborhood councils
met with Mayor Hahn and discussed their budget priorities with him.

"I want to empower the neighborhood councils to make decisions more
effectively for their own communities," added Mayor Hahn.


I was out with Mayor Hahn today in North Hollywood, and he made an
announcement that I thought you might be interested in knowing about...
He has announced that he is increasing the budget of each neighborhood
council with an elected board across the city by $100,000 for street
improvement projects. The NCs would control $100,000 of gas tax funds to
determine any number of ways of addressing the community's street
resurfacing needs.  Neighborhood councils can choose to resurface
streets, slurry seal miles of road, or even join with another
neighborhood council to resurface long thoroughfares or streets where
their boundaries meet.

Let me know if you need more information on this announcement, but I
knew you'd want to know this was happening.

Talk to you soon,

John Bwarie
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