March 1, 2010 - Motions that passed at General Meeting


1. Rate Payer advocate for DWP. 

Motion: “In order to assure strong independent financial oversight of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), the Greater Valley Glen Council supports a rate payer advocate committee, comprised of seven unpaid volunteers, one from each planning area. The seven individuals shall be selected in the same manner as the area representatives who served on the 912 Commission. The Rate Payer Advocate Committee shall be able to obtain needed documents from the city and DWP without being charged any fees.”

Passed Unanimously 

2. LAUSD Parcel Tax.

“The Greater Valley Glen Council opposes the LAUSD-approved tax of $100 per parcel which will appear on the June ballot. The election alone will cost taxpayers $3 million to $4 million. The measure is ill-conceived. It comes at a time when taxpayers are suffering due to the economic downturn, and it unfairly targets property owners.”

Passed Unanimously 

3. DONE and Neighborhood Councils.

“The Greater Valley Glen Council supports making NC accounting practices uniform throughout the city. The standardized accounting practices shall include a city-wide website to receive input from NC treasurers.”

Passed Unanimously.

4. Rainwater Capture ordinance.

“The Greater Valley Glen Council supports the idea of a rainwater capture ordinance, as approved by the Board of Public Works in Jan 2010. We encourage the city to present the issue in public forums in order to iron out the details and to get feedback from stakeholders.”

Passed Unanimously