Minutes from Meeting 8/02/04  

Greater Valley Glen Council

Call to order, pledge of allegiance and roll call. Absent unexcused members were Jennifer Goldsmith, Ezra Laniado, David Lopez, John Sakian, Sam Shishikyan, Mario Sweet. Excused absences were Barbara Rodney and Larry Hanna.

 Review of minutes. Approval. Later Valerie wanted to clarify that DONE is redrafting the election procedures.

 Guest Speaker David Mays Dept. of Public Works

Presented a video A Day Without Public Works

LA is second largest city in America. Public works cleans curbs, takes trash and debris, maintains medians and trees, fixes and maintains streets. They get trash from 720,000 households per week. The budget for the next 10 years is not enough to cover what we need. Public works will decline. Website is www.friends-of-la.org

For further information, contact (213) 978-0204.

Carlos Are you looking at the way contracts are awarded in view of the airport, DWP, etc?

Speaker We have been good about this or lucky with recent contracts. We have not had much criticism.

Judy (public) City Council is considering Inclusionary Housing. Has study been shown that shows impact on public works by increased density?

Speaker We have lots of pressure by increased growth.

Terry Has there been request by Mayor or Council for study on impact of inclusionary housing?

Speaker No.

Discussion about slurry seal, and tires for sidewalks. Speaker says he is looking at pilot programs relating to this.

Public comments:

Michael (public) a) wants a speaker to talk to us about benefits of zoning regulations now in place in Valley Glen. b) wants a brochure that informs commercial operators of sign violations. To improve area and appearance of properties.

Carlos refer this to the land use committee. Terry seconds this.

Candace Campbell report Spoke about inclusionary housing. It will affect every city service. Then spoke about West Nile Virus. The city is inundated with dead crows. Told us to throw them away; the city is not testing them.

Mark I was told every animal has the disease and that the city is no longer testing them. The city is spraying.

Candace Beautification issue. One watering truck for all our medians. Not a good situation; plants have been dying. We want to put a team together to maintain the medians, pull weeds, etc. Clean up campaign.

Vic What about speed bumps for Bel Aire Ave.?

Candace - We have a waiting list for speed bumps.

Rena- Can people pay for speed bumps?

Candace Yes, but you have to qualify first and they cost $3000 each.

Rena- How do you qualify?

Candace Visibility and at least 500 cars per day.

Another discussion about sidewalks and the homeowner's opportunity to pay 50%.

Discussion of tree problem at Sunnyslope and Victory. Injuries at the site. Candace would not say that the owner would be cited. She wants street services to do an assessment.

President's Report Hallie Kemper

a) Some members not attending meetings. We are only allowed two unexcused absences in six month period. Letter will be sent saying these people have been dismissed from the Council. We lost all Grid 3 members on our panel. We need people to fill vacancies. Any ideas let me know. Need Grid 5 merchant, school rep., church rep.

b) We had Inclusionary Housing meeting with Wendy Greuel.

c) We have been asked to distribute questionnaires about most important issues to help with the Mayor's budget. 

d) Our funding has not come through yet.

e) Could we put the survey on the website?

Charlotte It would have to be e-mailed to me.

Hallie We will. People can also return the surveys to us in person. We will have a special meeting for this.

Deanna Stevenson of DONE

We want to have Brown Act Training in September.

Board Member Comments

Vic a) Business tax. We need to bring business into the area. We need to reduce the tax.

b) taxes affordable housing trust fund. People will live in places where there will be no taxes coming in.

Terry I agree that we should dismiss the people with too many unexcused absences. We need to decide what qualifies as excused or unexcused. We should mention in minutes who is excused and who isn't. Pass out of information about the Valley Glen Neighborhood events. Trying to organize town hall meeting on subject of Inclusionary Housing. In addition, the VGCC is invited to join the VGNA at the December 14, 2004 Christmas Meeting Where The VGCC Board will be introduced. It is more of a fun type meeting with holiday festivities and Santa Claus and all sorts of goodies and the conclusion of the adopt a family holiday effort.

Mark Brought up the status on the non-profit ad hoc committee and that while prior issues prevented the committee from meeting, the plan is for the committee to meet and make recommendations at the next board meeting.

LAPD officer Darryl Davis

Victory Spa is closed! Owner moved out; property is vacant.

Crime is down 28%. Figured out who was doing vandalism in the area.

Discussion about sex offenders. This is confidential information.

Committee Reports

Hallie Jennifer's father was ill and died. Has not had meetings due to this.

Valerie no comments

Vic waiting for budget money.

Charlotte next meeting is 8/18 at 7:00 pm and send me any potential agenda items.

Lloyd Land use meeting on 8/11 at 7:00 pm.

Mark Taylor presentation

Letter to Yaroslavsky presented about Woodman station approved by Council with friendly amendment. (add word "Woodman")

Then discussion about the three potential signs A,B or C.

Charlotte Bylaws committee is working on potential name change of the Council, Should we print signs in light of this?

Terry We should wait to get the signs made.

Hallie Should we table the sign issue for now?

Mark We need outreach now.

Hallie The name needs to be decided ASAP.

Discussion about which sign might be the best by councilmembers.

Scott It should be easy to read from a moving vehicle. It could say, "Another project by..."

Hallie Should we table this issue?

Charlotte Yes.

All members voted yes to table the issue.

Presentation of the brochure created by Mickey.

Carlos One change. Take out the phrase "plant with us" (friendly amendment)

Discussion about collage of photos on the back.

Mark We are printing 1000 at first.

Hallie Motion to accept with the friendly amendment (change). The members unanimously approve the brochure.

Charlotte Presentation about no-kill animal shelters and present short letter to James Hahn about appointing a General Manager for the Dept. of Animal Services who has the goal of making L.A. a no-kill animal shelter city.

Unanimous approval of the letter by councilmembers.

Hallie The next meeting is Sept. 13, 2004.