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Written by Andres Chavez   
Wednesday, 05 November 2008

A hanging effigy of Sarah Palin next to a large picture of a moose she actually killed was erected Oct. 31 on the Woodland Hills front lawn of animal advocate, and registered Republican, Dr. Charlotte Laws. She put up her effigy, Laws says, partly because the Palin effigy in West Hollywood, which showed Palin with a noose around her neck, was taken down but mostly because Laws finds Palin's views on the environment and animals extremely offensive.

"Palin thinks that the Bush administration is too environmental for her taste. That's why she wants polar bears taken off the endangered species' list. She hunts for sport," Laws said.


Despite being a long time McCain supporter, Laws worked on his 2000 campaign, she said she made the hard decision to vote for Obama specifically because of Palin's presence on the ticket. She believes having Palin in a position to influence national policy would be extremely dangerous because of her environmental policies. Palin favors drilling in ANWR and, Laws asserts, would pressure a President McCain to support drilling. "That's really pretty scary to me. Her whole lack of experience is an issue but to me this is a bigger issue, to think we would have someone in there who would set back environmentalism and animal rights back decades. Plus if anything happened to John McCain, and this woman became President, that would be even more of a nightmare," Laws said.

Laws acknowledges, however, the glass ceiling that women face and the difficulty for a woman to get to the White House. Many women in politics, said Laws, become more aggressive, and more masculine, in order to prove they can do the job. For Palin, Laws said, it was her passion for hunting. "Sarah Palin has been able to retain her femininity because she is seen as a person who can shoot big animals. This is not an aside. This is a core of who Sarah Palin is and that's why I find it so offensive. That's so scary to me. It's a priority for her, disregarding the lives of animals. She thinks they have no value."

Laws counts herself as one of a growing number of Republicans who care about animal issues and that "translates into votes," Laws said. Her daughter, actress Kayla Laws, a conservative Republican, and a number of Laws' friends also voted for Obama.

With the resounding Obama victory, Laws said she'd take the effigy down on Wednesday.

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