Hello, Councilmembers.

I am Dr. Charlotte Laws, member of the Greater Valley Glen Council and president of the “Directors of Animal Welfare” program (also known as the DAW program). The DAWs are appointed by local Councils to assist stakeholders with animal-related issues. We currently have 35 DAWs and hope to have 100% council participation in the near future.

The DAWs have voted to support Mayor Villaraigosa’s appointment of Mr. Ed Boks as permanent General Manager for Animal Services.

We are pleased with his innovative ideas and prospective programs for propelling the city to no-kill.

We are pleased that he has animal experience.

We are pleased that he has reached out to the entire humane community.

I want to thank you in advance for approving Mr. Boks, and I want to personally thank Mayor Villaraigosa for listening to the rescue groups and others who devote so many hours to helping those without a voice… the animals. I believe the city is on the road to improving shelter conditions, saving animal lives and becoming recognized as a nationwide leader in animal welfare.

In conclusion, the Directors of Animal Welfare are here to serve Los Angeles. Please feel free to call upon us any time for assistance. There are DAWs in every district. Thank you.