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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen

Rational Density Bonus Motion
Letter Regarding Proposal that Valerie Olive Wrote & Passed by the Greater Valley Glen Council on June 6, 2005

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To All Concerned Residents of Los Angeles,

Please help stop our city from being over-run by taller, denser residential
projects on tiny lots closer to adjacent lot lines than you had ever
imagined was possible!!!!

We No Longer Have Any Control Over Land Use & Planning On Any Multi-Family
Zoned Lot in Our City
SB 1818, a California state law, takes jurisdiction over all multi-family
zoned lots away from our city.  SB 1818, which authorizes "density bonuses,"
is primarily designed to profit developers and will not, by its own terms,
provide affordable housing in a significant or sustainable way.  Upon close
examination, it is very clear that SB 1818, as the City is proposing it be
implemented, will not achieve its stated purpose of providing affordable
housing. It will only overburden our physical and financial infrastructures
under the pretext of providing affordable housing. Developers, Realtors and
the City will profit while our neighborhoods pay the price.

The Broad and Ever Expanding Reach of SB 1818: Without a Plan
SB 1818 contains no limits on the amount or placement of these projects of
up to 35% more units than currently allowed by current zoning.  Furthermore,
it allows the developers to override most significant zoning requirements to
achieve these 35% larger structures.  And, as if the state law taking away
local jurisdiction over every multi-family lot in our city wasn't enough,
the City, because they stand to gain (housing starts and money), has
expanded the state law in their proposed local ordinances in several
significant ways.  Most pressing, the City is proposing that these density
bonus provisions be applied to 3 or more units, while the state law clearly
states they are to be applied to 5 or more.  The City is also offering a
further reduction below the state's already ridiculously low parking
requirements for these density bonus projects.  Finally, they have
quadrupled (400%) the base density bonus for units that are to be sold to
moderate-income folks.  These are only three of the many ways in which the
City is proposing that the reach of a very bad law be extended (please see
enclosed motion for details on the multitude of perks being given to
developers in the proposed local ordinances implementing SB 1818).

SB 1818's Intertwined Relationship With Inclusionary Zoning
Also, please realize that the new version of "Inclusionary Zoning" as very
recently proposed by Councilpersons Reyes and Garcetti is full of promises
that can't be kept under SB 1818.  It is a basic legal principal that state
law trumps municipal law, so while it is very nice that they are promising
to consult Neighborhood Councils and attempt to adhere to Specific Plans,
this is simply irrelevant if the developer chooses to apply for a density
bonus.  SB 1818 makes it impossible for either the City or neighbors to stop
a density project, and these provisions apply to any development on a
multi-family lot and take precedent over any local law, such as the proposed
"Inclusionary Zoning."  Furthermore, while "Inclusionary Zoning" as proposed
applies to developments of 10 or more, SB 1818 applies to 3 or more as
proposed by our city.  Therefore, regardless of their interaction, SB 1818
will be the sole rule in place for 3-9 unit developments and will also
remain available to 10 or over.  If you want to defeat Inclusionary Zoning,
you must understand SB 1818 first.

Please Help Defeat This Scheme That As Soon As Possible
Please read and consider the enclosed "MOTION TO RETURN LAND-USE
1818 be repealed, SB 435 to be stopped before it becomes state law, and that
the proposed local ordinances implementing SB 1818 be modified before they
become a part of our municipal zoning code.  I authored this motion after
careful consideration these hyper-technical and complex body of legislation.
The Greater Valley Glen Council unanimously adopted this motion at our
general meeting last night.  Please take the time to read this motion, I
have done my very best to summarize what is a very lengthy and complex set
of laws.  I am asking that every organization that agrees with the views
contained herein adopt this motion at the earliest possible point.  Things
are moving very quickly, particularly at the municipal level.  The only way
to defeat these bills/ordinances is to move quickly and with a united voice.
Please review the enclosed motion and bring it before your organization for
adoption as soon as possible.  Please let me know as you adopt this motion
or if you have any questions.

I also urge everyone to attend the Planning Commission meeting this Thursday
Morning to Stop the Proposed Local Ordinances Seeking to Broaden SB 1818!

Date and Time: Thursday, June 9, 2005 after 8:30 a.m.
Location: Room 1010, City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Please consider coming to the Planning Commission Meeting to oppose the
City's expansion of a very bad state law.

Respectfully Yours,

Valerie J. Olive
Vice President
Greater Valley Glen Council