Passed Motions at the General GVGC Meeting on October 5, 2009

1. "The GVGC objects to Councilman Alarcon’s proposed motion to move “Public Testimony on Non-Agenda Items” to the end of Council meetings. This proposed change will have an adverse impact on transparency and on the ability of stakeholders to present their views to the City Council. By the end of the Council meetings, City Council Members and members of the public may have left and will therefore not hear the comments of the stakeholders.”

Passes unanimously. 

2. “In all future negotiations with unions, public employee pension plans should be 'defined contribution' for new and existing employees as of that date. In addition, no future pension plan should exceed 85% of the average of the last three years salary.”

Passes. 13 - yes. 2 - no. 1 - abstain.