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Charlotte Laws
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Greater Valley Glen Council

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Photo of Charlotte Laws in March 2005


Minutes for the Greater Valley Glen Council Meeting of July 11, 2005

Call to order, pledge of allegiance, roll call. Everyone present except Scott Halliburton, Sharon Noble, Rena Spegal and Carole Sher are absent. Christelle Naddaf is no longer with the Council.

Review of the Minutes from last month. Minutes are approved by everyone.

President’s Report – Bumper sticker to go to Public Safety. Free signs. Larry went to Mayor’s inaugural. Congress of Neighborhoods. Christelle has gone on to college.

Nomination of youth representative – Kiavash Panahandeh.

Terry thinks we should post the vacancy and take nominations. Notify the high schools. He wants to see who will show up at the August meeting. This is about process. Some agreement from members of the council. Others say it is only for one month until the next election.

Speech by Kiavash Panahandeh.

Mickey – for the record. Insert some language that we are supporting an outreach effort for people to join the Council in the future.

Judy Price – why hasn’t the ad hoc meeting been meeting to find people?

Larry says they have been meeting.

Motion to approve Kiavesh to fill the youth position. Unanimously passes. He is new member.

Department of Building and Safety – speaker Frank Bush. Discusses some of the main code violations they see. To have a yard sale / garage sale – the items must come from the property, and you cannot sell new items. You can submit complaints for anything to them anonymously. Bldg and Safety does not disclose who made the complaint.

Martin – What do you do when someone is found to violate the codes?

Frank Bush – Order to comply is issued. Reasonable amount of time to get people to comply. Goes later to city attorney’s office.

Photo of Charlotte Laws in July 2005
Charlotte Laws in July 2005 is Frank’s email address for any questions.

They go out on complaints within 72 hours.

Terry – fence complaints.

Sharon – anonymity issue.

Mr. Bush – name is not on the copy of the complaint that the person who has complaint brought against them can see.

Scott Halliburton arrives at the meeting.

Vic Viereck – Financial Report – We have a balance of $34,889.26 unspent. See report for exact figures. The money is there for us to do good for the community.

Max Bulwa – we have been failing because we are afraid to spend taxpayer money. We are supposed to be doing things for the community.

Carlos – We need to spend the money wisely.

Linda Wehrli – Buy welcome to Valley Glen signs.

Carlos – What happened to the money we allocated for freeway signs?

Discussion how nothing has happened with this.

Judy Price – How much of the leftover money is encumbered?

Vic- this is all unencumbered. There are additional funds that are encumbered but have not been spent.

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Unanimously passes.

Report of the election committee   Carlos

Election date is September 21, 2005. We received small changes that need to be made. Deanna is not here to discuss this. We are proceeding forward as if Sept. 21 is the election date. Candidate filing end date is Sept 7, 2005. One of candidate information forums is on Sept 2, 2005. Candidate meeting information at the college sometime this month, and we need a quorum of this council. Carlos suggests either July 25, 27, or 28.

Instead we can coincide the August meeting with this. It will be part of the August 1 meeting.

First mailer is being aimed for on July 25, 2005. August 31 would be the second mailer.

Ad # 2 goes in Sept 16, 2005. The mailer is Sept 3, 2005 for “Get out the vote.”

How many groups qualify for the caucus? There are about 680 nonprofits in the Valley. They are putting them into Access and Act for the next Council so the information is easy to access.

Motion to have 1 or 3 decision-makers. Odd number. But will try to get three instead of one. Motion passes unanimously.

For DONE changes see copy sent to all councilmembers from DONE.

Terry – Let’s accommodate DONE and get the elections held. Let us recognize the broadest definition of stakeholders.

Scott – We want to keep away from fraud. People pretending to be stakeholders.

Larry – Motion to let the election committee keep going and call a special meeting if necessary to decide which way to go. They have to come back to the council by July 15, 2005. Seconded. Unanimous approval except Terry and Abby abstain.

Zoning Report – Valerie Olive

Report on the progress. Lots of groups passing Valerie’s proposal. Burbank down-zoned in order to get around the possibility that increased density. L.A. is not going to give this up easily because their profit margins are so huge.

Judy – Individual letters (not just from groups) should be sent to the city councilmembers.

Summer Safety Fair and Budget - Sharon Anton

Area chosen due to the high visibility. Co-sponsoring with Wendy Greuel’s office. Aiming to get minimum of 500 people to come to this.

Valerie leaves the meeting.

Discussion about the size of the stage for a production.  Discussion about Abby’s ideas regarding the arts.

Scott Halliburton leaves the meeting.

Motion by Charlotte to eliminate the petting zoo. Hot day for the animals and sends wrong message to our kids about animals as objects. Plus just attended lecture about how horrible it is for the animals. No second. Max thinks it is very important that his children go to the petting zoo. 

Motion by Charlotte to substitute the petting zoo with adoption of homeless animals event. Amended to have both a petting zoo and an adoption of animals. Motion passes. All say yes except Charlotte, Linda, and Abby say no. Carlos and Lloyd abstain.

Motion for budget of $4500. Seconded. Abby has a preliminary budget of $2500. Amendment to add Abby’s money to this event.

Terry – we are spending too much money.

Abby says that if we have animals and clowns, the people who are looking for arts are not going to be attracted to the event. If we want to attract the largest number of people, let’s attract the largest number of people. Abby wants professional level entertainment.

We could separate the different items at the event into different areas.

Motion by Terry to approve a budget of $4500 for Sharon’s event idea, and public safety committee would work with arts people to have a separate event. Allow president and Abby to come back with budget about another event. Does not pass.

Judy Price – We should have outreach at the event. Create Greater Valley Glen Council items.

Motion to have the two budgets together as one event – We would spend up to $7000 for the event. It passes. Everyone says yes except Charlotte, Terry and Martin say no. Kiavesh and Shawn abstain.

Public Safety Report by Sharon – Motion by Sharon  to send to Captain Sweet of No. Hollywood division to encourage better participation by their SLOs, and we would send the letter to Wendy to mail for us. Seconded. Unanimously passes.

Carlos – should focus on their contact with the community. It should not be asking them to come to the Council meetings.

Motion by Sharon to ask if SLOs can send out form letter to letters to repeat violators of quality of life laws since there is no real enforcement. Seconded. Passes unanimously.

Board Member Comments:

Carlos - John Bwarie is no longer with the city. Invite John to come to meeting and give him commendation. Certificate. Motion, and this is seconded. Amendment to give him certificate at our event instead of at a meeting. It passes unanimously.

Abby – announcements. Wendy hosted a meeting at L.A. Shares.

Oct 1 and 2 – Valley Artists Studio Tour event. (818) 706-2542.

Terry –  - To buy things with Valley Glen logo, etc.

Vic – housing committee of L.A. will be reviewing the rent stabilization ordinance. July 27th at 4 pm at City Hall.

Committee reports resumed – Carlos

Website will hopefully be up by the end of the week.

Charlotte says email addresses on business cards need to work with new site.

Three banners that talk about the meetings we have with this council. We also need banners for the elections. We paid $900 for the signs.

Motion to use replace the metal signs that we already paid for and use the money for banners for the election and to publicize meetings, etc. Passed unanimously.

We have also paid for signs that go for Valley Glen projects, but we have not picked them up. Carlos will get them and they will go to the beautification committee.

The next Newsletter has been paid for but it needs to go out.

Carlos thinks the newsletter should be a separate committee from the communications committee.

Tues. July 19, 2005 – Communications meeting at 7 pm at Valley College.

Hallie is not a member of the committee, but she wants to be notified of the meetings.

Public Comments –

Judy Price – move public comments to the beginning of the meeting.

Carlos – makes a motion to move public comments to the beginning of the meeting. Charlotte seconds. Passes unanimously.

Next meeting is August 1, 2005.

Meeting Ends.