These minutes have not yet been approved by the council

Greater Valley Glen Council
Cafeteria Conference Room
February 13, 2006 Non Regular Meeting

Agenda Item 1Roll Call
Meeting called to order by Chair at 7:03 PM
Pledge of Allegiance led by Mario Sweet
Role Call-
Present: Adler, Anderson, Anton, Donobedian, Gatti, Jannol, Lavine, Laws, Nelson, K Panahandeh, S Panahandeh.
Poster, Price, Shapiro, Sweet, Ueland, Viereck, Wehrli
Absent: Olive, Popenoe, Simon               Late arrival- Freedman 7:30 PM
At non regular meetings,  absences do not apply to attendance record.
Note: DONE Advocate Deanna Stevenson was present

Agenda Item 2 Minutes
Secretary requested postponement of  minutes approval until March 6 meeting to allow time for the board review. Voice vote: passes.

Agenda Item 3 Treasurer's Report
Treasurer is awaiting training class. Motion by Anderson, seconded by Adler to make Vic second signatory for the time being. Motion passes, unanimous. The debit card will be transferred to the president and treasurer after they have completed the required training course.

Agenda Item 4 Public Comments
No public speakers

Agenda Item 5 Parliamentarian 
Neal Adler is appointed by Price

Agenda Item 6 Sargent-at-Arms
Mario Sweet is appointed by Price.

Anderson requests secretary search for his motion regarding flag purchase from 2004 for Sweet to use.

Agenda Item 7 Committees and Assignments
Arts & Education: Linda Wehrli, Chair
Audit & Finance: Mickey Jannol, Chair
Beautification: Arline Simon, Chair
Communications: Chris Ueland, Chair
Government Relations: Terry Anderson, Chair
House: Mario Sweet, Chair
Land Use & Planning: Gary Popenoe, Chair
Public Safety/Quality of Life: Neal Adler, Chair
Rules/Bylaws/Elections: Judy Price, Chair

Motion by Jannol , seconded by Anderson to accept committee chairs nominated by Price.
12 Ayes:  Adler, Anderson,  Donobedian, Freedman, Gatti, Jannol, Nelson, Poster, Shapiro, Sweet, Ueland, Wehrli
  3 Noes:  Anton, Lavine, Viereck
  3 Abstains: Laws, K Panahandeh, S Panahandeh

Other discussions: Anderson suggests regular meeting nights for committees; difficult for some members who have other commitments   at certain times of the month.

Lavine suggests using master agenda to avoid papering merchants' windows, each committee must keep minutes, use colorful paper to attract attention to the agenda.

Agenda Item 8 Appointments to Valley Alliance & Neighborhood Congress
Postponed agenda item, referred attendance at Valley Alliance and Congress of NC's to Government Affairs committee.

Agenda Item 9 President's Report

Agenda Item 10 DONE Advocate Deanna Stevenson
Deanna will be reassigned soon to other NC's. Discussed Mayor's Day of Service to encourage nc's to participate as an outreach effort.

Agenda item 11 Board Member Comments
Complaints in regard to Price committee assignment and chairs.
Viereck- had a good rapport during conversation with Price, but didn't get the committee he wanted- government affairs. Price states that was not fair for Vic to say. None of us should be married to a particular committee and fresh blood is needed.
Lavine- chairs usually come up through the ranks to gain experience and contacts.
Anton- agrees that she alos had a good rapport with Price during her conversation and agrees with Lavine's sentiments.
Anderson- we are out of order for discussing the committees during this agenda item.

Viereck complains that it is unfair for the Alliance to go to Government Affairs when neither participants in the Alliance, him or Lavine are on the committee. Anderson assures Viereck that both people will be invited to discuss the Alliance at the Gov Affairs meeting.

Anderson suggests members visit DONE website weekly for information.

Jannol wants council to pay full cost of 170 freeway signs.

Laws volunteers to monitor City council advance notice system for the council.

S Panahandeh suggest flyers to thank people who voted as an outreach effort.

Lavine will request election materials from 2005 Election Administrator.

Agenda Item 12 Web Site
Ueland offered to host council website for free. Web designer Ueland knows will charge $400.00 to build new site. Microsoft Word Editor software for updating input. Ueland wants the site to be kept current and fresh.
Motion by Anderson, seconded by Laws to authorize Price and Ueland to discontinue godaddy contract for web hosting asap and execute any and all contracts to begin new service.

Other discussions: Alder wants site to be user friendly (simple) with links to city services and add search capabilities for city services. Lavine suggests MOU for web content for legal concerns. Laws recommends a blog for the council; Price states too soon for such efforts.

Agenda Item 13 GVGC Logo
Wehrli will outreach to Valley College, Grant High School, etc.,  to hold competition for design of council logo. Deanna explained the council cannot offer a gift for the winner.

Motion by Anderson, seconded by Adler to refer logo design contest to Arts/Education committee.
Voice vote. Passes.

Agenda Item 14 Business Cards
Item referred to Anderson to investigate pricing for business cards.

Agenda Item 15 Adjournment Time of Meetings 
Motion by Anderson, seconded by Adler. Motion: Meetings will adjourn no later than 9:15 PM unless 2/3 of the members present vote to continue the meeting.  The 9:15 rule does not apply until a started agenda item is completed. Items carried over to next meeting will be moved to the top of next meeting's agenda.
Voice vote: Passes.

Agenda Item 16 Future Meeting and Agenda Items

Next meeting March 6, 2006

Agenda Item 17   Adjournment 
Meeting adjourned at 9:03 PM

Submitted by:  Laurie Lavine, secretary  March 5, 2006