Planning and Land Use Committee Special Meeting Minutes

7:00 PM July 24, 2006

LA valley College

Cafeteria Conference Room

5800 Fulton Street

Valley Glen, CA



                  Matthew Shapiro – Council/Committee Member

                  Terry Anderson – Council Vice President/Committee Member

                  Judy Price – Council President/Committee Member

                  Charlotte Laws – Council/Committee Member

                  Gary Popenoe – Council Member/Committee Chairman

                  Lloyd Nelson ­­– Council/Committee Member

                  Vic Viereck -- Council/Committee Member




1.       Call to Order and Roll Call

 2.       Mansionization - Review and discussion of revisions to the proposed interim control ordinance addressing mansionization in Valley Glen. Discussion and determination of proposed Town Hall Meeting date.

Proposed motion – Maintain current proposed Interim Control Ordinance language for presentation at the Town Hall meeting currently set for September 27th, 2006.

 3.       Developer’s Form – Proposed form for developers to fill out and submit to the Committee which would assist the Community Council in having a clear understanding of the nature of the proposed development.

Proposed Motion – Adopt draft Project Data Report as attached to these minutes. This form will help provide a clear basis for inquiry when a developer is presenting to the Council.

 4.       Cell Tower – Review of a proposed cell tower at the corner of Whitsett and Oxnard. - Possible Motions

Proposed motion – Accept cell tower design as submitted. See attached drawings

5.       Billion $ Bond for "Affordable Housing"

 A motion passed to oppose the Affordable Housing Bond with four in support, two abstained and one absent.

 Proposed motion – Council to vote support for the committee’s position  on the Affordable Housing Bond.

 6.       The use of Eminent Domain in Los Angeles to acquire private property for commercial development

 Proposed motion - Adopt the attached draft Position Paper on eminent domain supporting Tom McClntock’s proposed ballot measure.

 7.       Conditional use application at 12919 W. Victory for CU Installation of a WTF Monopalm - possible motion(s) 

 No proposed motion – Additional  information is required about project prior to Committee action

 8.       General Plan amendment and zone change for 12156 W. Oxnard St., 91606 - demolition of a single family dwelling and construction of a new 8-unit condominium

 Proposed motion – Approve the proposed zone change on the grounds that the lot in question is surrounded by multi-family residential zoned lots.

 9.       Proposed ordinance by the Planning Commission regarding the city allowing home business yard signs - possible motion(s)

 Proposed motion tabled until next month

Note that Planning has withdrawn the proposed ordinance noted above and is revising.

Old Business

 10.   Dasher Lawless mixed use development at Victory and Ethel. Review and discussion of current status of zoning variance application. –

Current status – The developer is currently working with City Planning and City Council to pursue the proposed zoning change. There is a question of interpretation of the current zoning ordinance for mixed use zones. The current language regarding the number of floors allowed to be commercial use is in question. City planning interprets the language to mean that only one floor of commercial use is allowed. The developer is very concerned about maintaining his original plan for two floors of commercial use with two floors of residential above. The developer is looking for support from the Committee and the Council of required.

11.   Request for zone change at 1234 West Lemay Street: Pursuant to Section 12.32 of the Municipal Code, a zone change from R1-1 (one family zone) to R3-1 (multiple family zone). Proposed project is a 2- story, maximum 36 foot high, 14 unit apartment building (including one density bonus unit) providing 27 parking spaces in a basement garage on an approximately 10,650 SF irregular shaped lot. Applicant is Dan Close, Lemay LLC, represented by Jeff Seymour.

 No proposed motion – Additional information on the current status of this     project is required prior to possible motion.

 12.   Request for modifications to the current zoning at 13521 West Vanowen Street: Current zone is a combination of R3-1 (multiple family residential) and R1-1 (one family zone). There are two requests: 1) Reduce the zoned lot area requirement per unit to allow construction of 18 vs. 17.5 units. 2) Zone boundary adjustment near north property line increasing the R3-1 portion of the lot. The proposed project is a 3 story, 18 unit condominium providing at least 36 parking spaces in a basement or garden level garage on an approximately 14.400 SF lot. The applicant is Armin Gharai.

 No proposed motion – Additional information on the current status of this     project is required prior to possible motion.

 13.   Adjournment

 Next meeting – August 28th, 7:30 PM. Location to be announced.