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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen

Minutes for GVGC General Meeting Jan. 3, 2005

Call to order, pledge, roll call. Everyone is present except Scott Halliburton, Larry Hanna, Valerie Olive is absent but excused.

Review of the minutes. They pass.

Speaker – Metro Community Relations Orange Line – Ned Racine. Presentation about the advantages and logistics about how the Orange Line will operate. Shows how it will look, plants, etc. Can take two bikes on each bus. Discussion about artwork at the stations and intersections.

Report from Wendy Greuel’s office – Patricia Davenport. Flyer on the recent sewer settlement agreement. Wendy will attend a coffee in SC on Jan. 15th.

Public Comments:

Annabelle – Good experience with 311 operators. Parade on Dec. 26th – incident, loud music, frustrating – in association with the synagogue.

Carlos suggests Land Use Committee take a look at this issue of the synagogue.

LAPD officers – VN is number one in city for crime reduction. Abandoned building on Victory Blvd., will fence off the property. Graffiti. Victory Gardens and Walgreens.

President’s Report – Hallie Kemper. Announcements. Forming a subcommittee on upcoming elections and procedures. This committee is open to the public.

Mayoral forum. Two upcoming Neigh. Citywide Alliance Mayoral Debates – Adding Ad Hoc Committee to come up with Mayoral questions. Hallie will draw name out of hat for who will go to the debates. Two dates: Feb 7th or Feb 28th. And we will come up with questions.

Motion to move next meeting to Jan 31st at 7:00 pm so we can attend Mayoral Debate on Feb 7th. It passes unanimously.

Carlos presentation about our Mayoral Debate. As community council we can’t spend any money on the debate.

Treasurers Report – Vic Viereck. Passed out information about the budget.

  1. Presented in hard copy is the current Cumulative Budget and Expenditure Balances report.
  2. Although the report shows separate columns for Meetings and Event planning, I would like approval of combining those two accounts into one. The combined balance as of June 30, 2005 would be $10,378.39.
  3. Any advances of Petty Cash funds requires prompt submission to me of all supporting documents. Otherwise our financial reporting to DONE is detained.

Vic says we want to combine meetings and event planning into one column. Motion to combine these two accounts into one column. This does not pass. No one votes “yes.” Eight vote “no” and seven members “abstain.”

Motion to accept the current budget as per the handout. Add under outreach, with the corrections. – Friendly amendment. Unanimously accepted. It passes.

Board member comments:

Mickey – presentation about the holiday party.

Charlotte – procedure for Grievance Committee. Motion that Grievance Committee be formed and complaint be sent to a Grievance Committee. Also check Charlotte’s website for details about the procedure and list of volunteers for the committee. Unanimously passes. Also information about the animal convention on Sunday at Beverly Garland Hotel.

Carlos – VG Neigh Association Holiday Party.

Abby – Megan’s law database comments.

Terry – Holiday party. Name identification for Valley Glen – getting people to understand that Valley Glen exists and it is not Van Nuys. Post office issue. Government relations to look into this issue.

Vic – Mayoral Debate.

Mario – Announced info. about award that he received.

Committee Reports:

Public Safety – escort service to your car after our meetings.

Government Relations – lots of animal shelter proposal support.

Beautification Committee – Motion is for more funds for additional T shirts for about $200. Unanimously passed.

Motion to write a letter about (approx. address) 13032 Victory Blvd. to County Supervisors office in case we want to send a letter. Unanimously passed.

Communication Committee – Newspaper looks good. Motion to allow communications to have creative permission to publish the next newsletter and for the rest of the term of the council. Unanimously passes. Committee corner section that each chair provides; chairs need to submit info. to Max. Budget for this quarter for the newspaper. Motion to transfer money around $1200 - $1400 into the newspaper to make issue number two. (See flyer). Friendly amendment for the next year, bring the money into the communications budget to pay for newspapers for the rest of the year. The money is to come from beautification. (Each issue will cost $6000, four times per year.)  Unanimously passes.

Posting places – We have money to make signs and design was approved. We want to change the posting places. Motion to allow communication committee to research and choose posting places and bring back to the council suggestions for the new posting places. We are required a minimum of five posting places. The website cannot qualify as one of the posting places. Motion unanimously passes to allow Communications Committee to do this.

Next meeting Jan. 31, 2005.