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Photo of Charlotte Laws in March 2005

Minutes Greater Valley Glen Council of August 1, 2005

Call to order. Pledge of allegiance. Roll call. All present except Martin, Scott (but comes to meeting late), Sharon Noble, Valerie, Carole.

Review of the Minutes.

Carlos - College should not ticket cars that don’t have parking passes on the nights of our meetings once a month.

We will look into this.

Minutes approved unanimously with the following changes:

Page 3 – Amend “add Abby’s money to this event” to “add cultural affairs money to this event.”

Page 2 – Amend Max Bulwa’s comment in first paragraph to relay that he wants to clear up the general misunderstanding- we are not wasting taxpayer money by using our allocated funds.

Public Comments:

Sharon Ford – I live on Aetna Street. Found out about Ethel property by a fluke. What are the plans for this property?

Diedre – Ethel property letter. Should stakeholders draft a letter to owner of the property in addition to the Council’s letter?

Sidney – Live on Aetna. Dangerous situation – two or three cars that park in the corner. Cannot turn right and this invites accidents. People park on the curb constantly.

Boardmember Comments:

Terry – Neighborhood Association event. Sunday Oct. 9, 12 noon. And event on Oct 27 – identity theft event, 7 pm, Erwin Street school.

We are now 6 months out from our election date. We need to have elections settled.

Mickey – event tomorrow night at the park. Bring a flashlight.

Abby – Enrichment Works received two grants from the county of Los Angeles.

Vic – rent stabilization ordinance issue. Rent control housing has a direct effect on our tax money.

Carlos – we should invite LAUSD representative to one of our meetings. They will be looking to add money to our property taxes, and I would like to know how that money is going to be spent.

Linda – thanks to our Senior Leads.

Larry - Moving Mansionization up on the agenda.

Wendy Greuel’s Office – Dale Thrush - Here to answer questions. Ethel project. Owner would like to find a project that works for the community. Dale told him that multi-family would be opposed. Owner’s initial proposal has been withdrawn.


Lloyd – Land Use committee has been working with Neighborhood Association for an interim control ordinance to put controls on mansionization. Passed out Neigh Assn. draft. Also passing around the Sunland/Tujunga information. If anyone has any ideas, please email them to us. Also you might want to attend meetings.

Motion that GVGC or Land Use work with Neighborhood Association. Second.

Larry – good for the two groups to work together.

Charlotte – I think we should work with Association, but we will have to vote on the final result. I think the final proposal should be based on objective factors.

Vote – Unanimously passes that GVGC will work with Neigh Association on this issue.

Over-sized fences issue

Larry would like to ask planning department to notify homes within a 500 foot radius if an over-sized fence will be built. This is a motion. Seconded.

Currently, with a variance only people on each side of the property will know about the project.

Dale – Fence cases – notice only goes to adjoining properties. The administrator will entertain a request by applicant not to have a pubic hearing as long as adjoining property owners approve. No one in the broader community ever hears about it. The idea of expanding the notice – Dale is looking into it.

Carlos – many people build fences but don’t even get permits.

Terry – amendment to the motion that community organizations and the council be notified. Larry accepts this amendment.  

Carlos – how practical is it to notify the larger area and all organizations?

Dale –the notification of the radius is not difficult. Notifying community organizations is more difficult. The Neighborhood Council can easily be notified because it is part of the system.

Carlos – amend motion that if council is notified, we would alert other organizations who request being notified.

Vote on the motion. Passes unanimously except one abstention.

Max leaves the meeting. Scott comes into the meeting.

Senior Lead Officers - update. Illegal dumping, Graffiti. New leadership at Grant High School.  New principal at Erwin Street Elementary. National Night Out event tomorrow night. Paint the curb red – for Ethel problem at Aetna Street.

(818) 321 – 7322 number for Officer John Smith.

President’s Report – Larry Hanna

50/50 program for sidewalk repair via Wendy Greuel – pass brochure around.

We must get elections done, but disagree with Terry that we should only concentrate on elections. We are representing people and have a duty not to put our heads in the sand but to keep working.

Treasurer’s Report – handed out the report. Carry-over balances at top and the budgets for each quarter. Motion to approve the budget as currently allocated on the handout. Second.

Terry – we should be scrutinizing the budget.

Carlos – people don’t understand the budgeting process. We don’t know what we are approving.

Larry – we need to get the new money so that after elections, the new council can move the money around, allocate it as they see fit.

Vic – we can make changes to the budget any time we see fit.

Terry – we should all get educated on the budget procedures.

Deanna – this Friday is a treasurer’s training at 2nd street. Come if you have questions.

Vic – This budget goes until June 2006. We are showing the city what it needs. The new council can decide how to spend the money.

Terry – wants to set a process for the new council.

Charlotte – we can’t tell the new council how to operate.

Carlos – we need something simpler to be able to review regarding the budget

Motion to send back to the finance committee to come back with ideas on how to streamline the process. Seconded. Passes unanimously.  

Abby – Summerfest budget issue. And amendment to add $2500 to the budget for the current quarter under events. Second. Passes unanimously.

Committee chairs should make a budget and give it to Vic.

Terry – Treasurer could create a form for tentative encumbrances.

To come up with ways to better implement the budget.

Motion to table the budget until we come up with something more definitive. Where does the $2500 come from for the festival? Event planning carryover balance from the prior year is where it will come from. Seconded. Motion passes unanimously.

Graffiti abatement team – Mickey Jannol

Would anyone like to take the leadership of the graffiti abatement team. Pass-out. Motion to adopt a report that calls for a payment of $3710 for the GAR truck and supplies as listed on handout. And a $3500 annual budget for GAT maintenance. Second.

Scott – questions about the feasibility of this plan. Can’t register the truck under our council and can’t put in under the name of an individual.

Carlos – opposed to this because of the liability issue for driver and those who ride on it. Insurance aspect could be a problem.

Abby – conflict of interest with this.

Deanna – boardmembers from the Neighborhood Association might have to recuse themselves from discussion. We may not be able to make this kind of payment so Council should have more discussion on this.

Judy – Do any other councils have any property like this

Deanna – one council has a patrol car for public safety. I can look into this.

Larry – Wants to make an amendment to set up committee with two people from GVGC and 2 people from Neigh Association to look at liability and other issues involved in this. Seconded.

Carlos – was donated or sold for $1 to help with graffiti abatement. Is there a profit involved?

Judy – there is no profit involved.

The motion to set up the above-mentioned committee passes unanimously.

Gay Marriage – AB 849- Charlotte Laws. Support of this bill now in the State Senate was passed by L.A. City Council. Motion to take a vote and relay the outcome of our vote in a letter to all interested parties.

It is not discussed.

Motion to table the issue. Seconded.

Vote and motion passes to table the issue.

California Animal Commission – To support the idea of a state commission and write letters to Governor, City Council and all interested parties regarding establishing a state commission. Commissioners would advise cities and counties on how to move their shelters to “no kill.” Motion and seconded. Vote, passes. All say yes except Mario says no and Terry, Kiavesh and Shawn abstain.   

Election procedures – Carlos - new date from administrator and final decision maker. We had to make some changes. Handout. Photo IDs. We removed the repetitive section asking for photo IDs.

Page 5, Section 5 – We broke apart the candidates and the voters. We don’t want fraud from prospective candidates. Photo ID and other proof of ID for candidates.

Page 6, Number 2 – How to identify voters. Form they fill out and sign and date. This is a declaration. DONE is OK with this. No ID needed; they just sign the form. The forms will be kept for 30 days so anyone can challenge the letter in this time period. Motion to accept these procedures. Seconded.

Page 4 – deadlines –

August 1, 2005 – GVGC monthly meeting. 95 days from election.

August 12, 2005 – First Daily Ne4ws Ad

August 22, 2005 – Candidacies open.

September 2, 2005 – “Walking man” notice.

September 30, 2005 – Second Daily News ad

October 7, 2005 – Closing of candidacies. Candidate’s forum.

October 26, 2005 - Election

October 27, 2005 - Caucus elections

Handout shows the breakdown of the dates for the election.

All candidate filing forms have to be in and postmarked by October 7, 2005.

Motion passes unanimously.

Larry – Graffiti. Pilot project with one

Sharon - Motion to ask for $3000 to pay for software program for North Hollywood for Graffiti tracking. Covers software, training and two cameras for North Hollywood Division. Plus a $900 contingency for up to three more cameras.

This takes a 2/3 vote because of the way it is being put on the agenda. Motion passes unanimously.

Committee Reports – Sharon

We are still trying to get a permit to use the park.

Wear our t-shirts and wear name badges. Event is noon to five. We have the park from 10 to seven as long as we get the permit. No kill animal shelter booth. Valley Glen Neighborhood Association could have a booth. People need to sign up for whatever they want to do. Sheet passed around. Need barbeques.  

Motion to amend the bylaws for the election to be in October instead of September. Passes unanimously.

Meeting adjourned.