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Photo of Charlotte Laws in March 2005

Greater Valley Glen Council


October 10, 2006

 Held at Cafeteria Conference Room, Valley College

Agenda Item 1  Roll Call

Meeting called to order by Chair at  7:11 PM

Pledge of Allegiance 

Role Call-

Present: Anderson, Anton, Donobedian, Geldberg, Jannol, Lavine, Laws, Nelson, Pezzner, Popenoe, Poster, Price, Shapiro, Simon, Sweet, Tabibian, Viereck             

                Absent: Gatti, Ueland, Wehrli

                Late arrival: Freedman, K Panahandeh, S Panahandeh


Note: Thomas Griego from the City Attorney’s General Counsel Division was present  He stated he was there on behalf of the President.


Agenda Item 2 Public Comments.

 Janis Barquist, candidate for Superior Court Judge Seat # 144 introduced herself and spoke about her qualifications and asked for the peoples’ vote.


Agenda Item 3 President’s Announcements

Valerie Olive forfeiture of the school seat due to three missed meetings in a 6 month period.  Price sent a certified notice to Olive. Olive stated she is not conceding the seat and that seat is an intuitional seat not her personal seat and the school was not properly notified of the situation.  Olive asked the board to reappoint her next month because of her work for the board. Price spoke to the school owner and she was very interested in taking the seat. Price stated that Olive can submit her name to the vacancy committee, but the school also is interested in the seat and there may be other schools interested in it too.


Olive formally asked for her reappointment to be put on next month’s agenda as a motion.  Price will put the vacancy on the agenda but would not promise the “reappointment of Valerie Olive”. Olive asked for a straw vote as to whether the board would even reappoint her. Price said we are not taking a straw vote. Olive stated you have done it in the past so obviously it is not a violation.


Motion was made by Anton to take a straw vote, seconded by Nelson. Price ruled that out of order; it is not an agenda item. Lavine asked the city attorney if we are permitted to do a straw vote. May I inject, stated Anderson, that once before when a straw vote was suggested on the Chris Alan project the same people calling for the straw vote now screamed bloody murder and said absolutely not, that’s a violation of the Brown Act and the president pulled back from having a straw vote. The City Attorney said no since the item isn’t on the agenda and suggested we amend our bylaws or create a standing rule for such a vote.


b. Appointment of Jannol and Viereck as the GVGC rep at Mayors Regional Budget meeting


c   The appointment of a new DONE Advocate Taneda Larios was announced.


d. Food assignments as Terry set up will be followed. If we are going to be bipartisan then let’s do it on the committees but not with food assignments. Partisan people work better together. 

Stakeholder Randall suggested the agenda be organized to better serve stakeholder interests.


e. Development of a list of the GVGC assets per review of past expenditures and who has possession.


 Agenda Item 4 Valley Plaza U.S. Post Office  

Laureen Yamakido, USPS real estate specialist announced the closing and relocation of the Valley Plaza post office.  A new site is being sought. Geldberg stated his wife manages a property almost across the street from the current location that is for lease and fits most of their needs.

Motion by Lavine, seconded by Nelson to move up the mansionization issue was passed.

Agenda Item 5 Minutes for May 18, 2006; June 5, 2006; July 10, 2006; August 7, 2006; and September 11, 2006

Approval of the minutes was postponed.  Motion to amend format and contents of the minutes was seconded. . Price stated that according to Robert’s Rules, statements that people make should not be included in the minutes. In addition, since the minutes go to the City when certain actions are taken the minutes should not contain any “dirty laundry”.  Except for Lavine, everyone voted to pass the motion.

Agenda Item 6 Treasurer’s Report


Agenda Item 7 Committees

Planning and Land Use

Update was provided on the September Town Hall meeting on mansionization. Many stakeholders were present tonight to provide their opposition to the current ICO; they do not support the 60% floor area ratio. ICO will be reopened. Motion by Lavine, seconded by Sweet to add Sandra Chandler, Diana Lipari and Einat Seidot as members to the PLU committee was called by Price as out of order because it named stakeholders. After a recess, the motion was amended to open the committee to three stakeholders Amendment by Shapiro was accepted to include three other stakeholders who do not support mansionization. Motion passed. Price then named Sandra Chandler, Diana Lipari and Einat Seidot to the PLU committee.

Rules, Bylaws and Elections

Election will be held from 4 to 8 PM at Erwin Street School.  Election procedure changes were presented and approved. Note: A copy of the procedures with amendments and original language dated 2007, are included as part of these minutes.

Approved bylaw amendments:

Article V: the Board, section 2 (a), (Page 6) Thereafter, beginning in 2007 (changed from 2006). Beginning in 2007 (changed from 2006)

Section 2 (a) 1: even (changed from odd). Starting in 2006 (changed from 2005).

Section 2 (a) 2: Term in 2007 (changed from 2005).

Article XI, Elections, section a (page 13). Shall occur in February 13, 2007 (changed from October 2005).

Sections a, b, a changed to a, b, and c.


Jannol asked for people to join the committee. Lipari and Lavine volunteered.

Agenda item 8 Update on Animal Welfare

Agenda Item 9 Board Member Comments   

Agenda Item 10 Next Meeting

Next meeting will be held on November 6, 2006.

Agenda Item 11 Adjournment

Meeting adjourned at 10:30 PM

Minutes recorded and submitted by:  Laurie Lavine, secretary           December 3, 2006