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Charlotte Laws in Orange County in March 2005

GVGC Minutes – April 4, 2004

Minutes: Reviewed and approved with following corrections: 1) Page 3 – 6016 Ethel property – Council to write letter of opposition to zoning change and the Chair of the Land Use Committee to advise all council members of the hearing date of the proposed change, 2) Page 3 - Q condition flyer Amendment – not to spend more than $500 dollars on flyers, 3) Page 1- By laws Committee Amendment C should read, Provided that said owner and/or owner representatives shall be ineligible for this category if the owner and or owner representative resides on said commercial property.

Roll Call: All present, with following excused absences: Carlos Ferreyra, Charlotte Anne Laws and following absence: Mario Sweet.

Public Comment:

Annabel Whettem: The City Council Education and Neighborhoods Committee Report recommends to the City Council that they 1) approve a Code of Civility for Neighborhood Councils and 2) recommend that certified Neighborhood Councils accept material donations from LA Shares. LA Share has recycled office produces and furniture.

Dixie Hendrickson of Activities for Retarded Children (ARC): ARC started in Studio City Park. For 30 years has been providing services for 100 children – many who are now adults. Since 1981 they have had grant $100,000 in grant funds but lost the funding this year. They need support. Dixie invited Council members to visit ARC and she would like us to send a letter of support to the City to request reinstatement of grant funds. This topic will be placed on next Council Agenda. Terry offered his support.

LAPD Report

Officer Daryl Davis stated that May 17th , at the Church on the Way, he will hold the semi annual Meeting to discuss crime issues. Wendy Greuel, Toni Cardenas and Captain Miller will be in attendance. Council members invited. Crime is down 25% for are north of Victory although there have been some graffiti issues. Only 2 homicides this year versus 8-9 at same time last year. Fulton between Victory and Vanown will be repaved and sidewalks put in. Police don’t solicit fund. Questions: Don’t plan on getting more officers for the Valley soon. The Mission Station, located in Sepulveda near the SF Mission, is opening April 28th . Currently there are 6 officers in Van Nuys on a good day. Officers are being transferred from Van Nuys and all other stations to staff this new Station which will be come the new Valley Division Bureau while the Van Nuys Station is being remodeled. The new West Valley station will be opened after the Mission Station. Terry requested that the loss of officers from Van Nuys be referred to the Safety Committee so that they can request more officers for area. Daryl on vacation next 3 weeks.

President’s Report

Congratulations to Mickey and Scott for the $5460 in grant funds received for a Valley Glen marker to be placed near Babcock and Victory on the northern median. They need to redo the bid as part of receiving the grant.

Briefly discussed correspondence from the Silver Lake Community Council regarding procedures for recommending items of interest to the City Council. Correspondence given to Government Relations Committee.

Two weeks ago the Mayor met with Community Council Presidents to talk about new plans for community Councils.

Next BONC Meeting 4/5/05 at 6:30 p.m. at 11330 W. Grand Place in the Daniel Webster Middle School,

Committee Reports:

Finance Committee (Lloyd): Committee met and made some recommendations regarding the format of the Budget Report including 1) show obligated funds and 2) add column for short description of how money spent. There is now a new form to be completed for Council members wanting reimbursement for expenses. Mickey asked what happens if we have left over money. Deanna Stevenson (DONE) responded that she thought that the Councils would be allowed to carry over the money but that there were no guarantees. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Beautification ( Scott): Met with Roland William Fregoso, Tree Surgeon Supervisor IV with Dept of Public Works to discuss trees and permits for Victory Median. Discuss mulch which has washed off plastic. He suggested using a black cloth that retards weeds to be used instead of plastic. It is not likely that the City will be able to water median. Terry requested that committee look at the Fulton triangle as it is in need of repair.

Public Safety (Sharon): Sponsoring CERT class starting May 4th at Erwin Street School from 7-9:30. Class runs for 7 sessions and a missed session can be made up at other location throughout the city. Brochure – "How to Be A Good Neighbor" in English, Spanish and Armenian distributed. Aquarium Café on Victory near Coldwater wants a liquor license the committee will write a letter in opposition. Judy attended at meeting regarding this issue. The Café owner has not been a good neighbor – most seating outside, plays loud music and open late. Home/condo owners and apartment manager in area again liger license. Wants to be open until 2 a.m. Sharon made motion which was seconded and passed to write letter in opposition of liquor license. Quest John Soriano of Madison NoHo Neighbors Association (MANOMA), a neighborhood group near Madison Middle School requested that their area become a part of the Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council since their Council was disbanded. He says the group represents approx 150 homeowners and has been very active in improving the area. Larry mentioned that adding this particular area to the Council was hotly contested when the Council was going for approval. This issue was referred to Public Safety and Government Relations Committees. Next Public Safety committee meeting April 14, 7:00 p.m. at College. Lt. Sheehan from the Gang Unit will be speaking. Larry asked if Sharon would invite Captain Miller to attend this meeting to answer questions about number of officers.

Land Use Committee: No report.

Communications Committee (Max): Discussion held regarding $1999.95 to revamp Web site and what council will get for the money. Is there any discount for a non profit organization? Max is very concerned that he will be leaving the council and if it is not redone – no one else will be able to work with it. Terry moved to table the discussion until next meeting. Seconded by Mickey.

Report from John Bwarie from Mayor Hahn’s Office:

Mentioned the opening of the Valley Municipal Building opening April 25th, the Mission Division April 30th (the first new station in Valley in 25 years, and the West Valley Division May 14th. Larry asked what is being done about the loss of officers from Van Nuys to the new Mission Station. John stated that he thought the loss would only be 2 officers and the Mayor is adding 30 new positions. Suggested speaking to Captain Miller regarding exact number.

Mayor’s recommendation of $100,000 to be given to each certified Council for street repairs will be voted on by City Council. This is in addition to the $50,000 that Councils currently receive. The Community Councils will be able to say what roads need to be redone in their area. Councils will have assistance if requested in this process.

Board Member Comments:

Terry – The Valley Glen Neighborhood Association received $7900 that will be used to beautify with plants and trees Victory Blvd near Coldwater.

Max: requested that the Council remember No. Hollywood the next time grants are submitted.

Valerie: Mentioned that some merchants are upset because so many council members come in to post meeting dates. She suggested that we coordinate the postings. There was some discussion on whether posting meetings at the Web site would meet the Brown Act. Answer – No, since postings must also include agendas. Scott also mentioned that the Daily News was not getting the postings and that he would take care of it. Max stated that he thought the public might not want to attend meetings because as he thought that they were only allowed to observe, not participate. Larry stated that the public were allow to participate in sub committee meetings. Motion: The Communications Committee should coordinate the posting of meeting dates. Seconded by Rena. Passed.

BONC Hearings (Valerie):

BONC has problems with 2 sections of the bylaws:

Narrowing stake holder definition and

Definition of Commercial Property Owner (page 7 of bylaws) – don’t like that single family residents included in commercial property owner.

Furthermore, Valerie stated that BONC requests that elections be scheduled no sooner than 90 days from approval of bylaws. Larry stated that he will hold a special meeting that will be devoted to elections, once the bylaws are approved,.

Re: Membership, Valerie will fall back to original definition in bylaws.

Re: Definition of Commercial Property owner: Valerie requested that the council members provide some other language that she can fall back to if BONC refuses to approve the bylaws as they now stand.

Motion 1: Seconded by Rena. Contingent on decision by BONC not to approve the bylaws due to current definition of Commercial Property Owner use the following definition: Owner/owner’s representative of income property within the Council area used for residential rental (excluding single family residences), retail stores, offices, services business, industrial facilities or any other recognized commercial use, provided that the person does not reside on the property. Passed 15 Yes 0 No

If BONC does not approve first motion, Valerie will utilize following:

Motion 2: Seconded by Rena. Same as motion one with the deletion of, " provided that the person does not reside on the property." Passed: 13 yes 1 No 1 Abstain

Re: Number of Merchant and Commercial property owners: Motion: Seconded: If BONC will not approve bylaws as stated, allow, 3 area assigned (Area 1 & 2, Area 3 & 4, Area 5 & 6) merchant representatives and 2 at large commercial property representatives and if that doesn’t pass, 4 at large merchant representatives and 2 at large commercial representatives. Passed: 13 yes 2 Abstain

Terry requested that all changes in bylaws be dated.

President will Create of 2 Ad Hoc committees

Committee 1 = Density bonus and Affordable Housing Guidelines: Valerie will head this committee. She provided council members with a manual called " How to Analyze the Impact on Your Neighborhood of the Density Bonus and Affordable Housing Guidelines, Containing Specific Pan/Zoning Information Pertaining to the Areas within GVGC’s Boundaries."

It seems that the City’s general plan and our specific area plan (see City Planning Maps) call for increased growth in the Valley Glen area of density housing versus more southern potions of Valley such as Sherman Oaks, Encino etc. This is inclusionary housing bill, only voluntary this time around. Four story apartment houses will be allowed with greater number of units than allowed under current zoning classifications. Additionally, Townhouse act allows for more homes on each lot than under current zoning. Both affordable housing/density bonus and Townhouse Act will have less required parking. Density bonus provides set-asides for lower income dwellers at reduced rental rates/and or purchase price. State Bill has recently been passed that increases attractiveness to developers and city is in process of integrating into LA Municipal Code right now. Must act quickly.

Committee 2 = Cultural Affairs Committee: Abby will head this committee with the goal of increasing access to arts in this area.

Next Meeting regular meeting is May 2, 2005. Meeting adjourned.