Minutes from Greater Valley Glen Council Meeting 5/24/04


Call to order, pledge of allegiance

Review of minutes from last meeting, approved

All members were present except: Martin, Ezra, David, John, and Sam.

President's Report Hallie Kemper:

We use Roberts Rules & follow Brown Act. We will have bylaws corrected by the rules committee where needed. Bring action items or motion items to president at least 4 days before a meeting so she can put it on the agenda. She needs notification, and the public needs notification. The sequence is agenda item, motion, clarification, debate, vote. If an agenda item is presented and no one agrees to it, it fails. If someone seconds the motion, it continues. There can be no debate until it is clarified. Debate, then vote. Public gets 3 minutes each  to speak. Council gets 2 minutes each to speak.

Deanne Stevenson of Dept of Neighborhood Empowerment She is new representative.  The work is divided into 3 areas with DONE: 1) public policy and elections, 2) neighborhood empowerment training, 3) assistance at the meetings. Her e-mail address is dstevenson@mailbox.lacity.org

Committee list is given to members with Chairs listed at top. Hallie wanted everyone to have at least one preference. President can unilaterally decide committees. She spent a lot of time on this. The first four are open to stakeholders and wants nominations to add stakeholders to these. Some committees are closed to stakeholders. (see list) Committees have more relaxed rules when they are closed. i.e. notification. Committees research and make recommendations to council. They can't make a decision for the council. It must go on the agenda.

If a member misses two regular session meetings, he/she will be dismissed. Regular session is the first Monday of each month.

No one can claim to represent the council unless council appoints person to do so.

Public Diana Lipari objected to stakeholders being excluded on some committees, such as finance, land use and rules committees.

                President responds: less complicated if committee consists of council members and we want to keep the committees manageable. Also public can speak before a decision is made. We want lots of open discussion.

Valerie, Charlotte & Larry agreed with Hallie. Barbara says there is too much mistrust and nothing will get done if everything open to the public. Let council do their work.

                Public Judy Price said it should be open to public and inclusive. There is distrust.

                President It is up to Chair of committees to decide how often committees meet.

                Public Annabelle suggests we give it a go for six months the way it is.

                Mark Taylor agrees & Hallie will put it on the agenda for 6 months from now.

                Terry wants committee meetings subject to Brown Act & posted.

                Sergeant of Arms Scott Halliburton is appointed as a committee of one by the President. He will lead pledge of allegiance, bring flag,  and call police if ever told to do so by the presiding officer.

                Terry and (public) Judy Price object to Sergeant of Arms. Larry says Scott can take a class on this and that it is an important function.

                Board Member Comments:

Abraham: People magazine article about 1.5 million dollar house and don't turn left at Oxnard when going south on Woodman or you may get a ticket.

Charlotte: DONE books available for people who missed last meeting and perhaps post agenda in better or fewer locations and place agenda on website.

Valerie: Will research places to post.

Carlos: Bylaws committee can come back with a recommendation about posting.

Shawn: Suggests keeping the meetings short, within 1 hours.

Terry: Wants minutes and agenda posted on the website in advance. Suggests exchanging numbers and info. on all council members so we can contact each other if necessary. We can talk to each other as long as we don't have a majority discussing things. The computer should be an agenda item next time. He wants everyone to know that he has no involvement, nor liability or responsibility with respect to the "renegade" group: the Valley Glen Council Nonprofit.

Charlotte: Urged at Congress of Neighborhood to support Proposition in Nov. so L.A. loses no more money to the state, and left information about trash cans for anyone who wants it. A lot of money wasted due to not sorting cans properly.

Mark: Wants to know when we become funded. Treasurer meeting this Thurs.

Sharon: Urged to support cent sales tax for more police. Also city loses money on apartment buildings with more than four units cause not required to sort trash.

Hallie: For little money LANI helps councils create projects. They could come and speak to us. Then we could get grants to bring businesses or for beautification. Gave example of pocket park and Spitfire Grill.

Sharon: Fill out forms to tell city attorney when there is a problem. She has the forms.

                Valley Alliance Report by Vic:

Meeting of 5/13/04: they discussed mixer, forum that will be held in the fall, report being made. Building and Safety Rep. spoke about 1300 vacant buildings in the city (and homeless problem with this) and 45 inspectors. Second Thurs. of June is next meeting for Valley Alliance. Vic says worthwhile having a rep there. There are 24-30 people from different councils. It helps get the valley voice downtown. Closed meetings.

Discussion about sending Vic to the meetings regularly. Vic voted by members to attend the meetings regularly.

Public- Diana Lipari in favor of his attendance because they have a voice with city attorney's office.

Public Michael Randall positive reaction to Valley Alliance. Nothing sinister.

                Inclusionary Housing Report by Vic: 90 more days until the vote. Lack of affordable housing. It will be taken to Government Relations Committee and discussed at next meeting. Everyone agreed on this.

                Public Comments:

Public Michael Randall: Passed out info. about alleged zoning violations. Wants balanced and cohesive community. Be pushy and enforce zoning. Fight for the community. Refer to passed out information.

Public Diana Lipari: Too much power in hands of president. Whole council should decide on committees.

Public Ginger: Wants new council to deal with concerns of interim council. (Told she can lobby us).

Public Annabelle: Doesn't want the treasurer to sign the check. Mistrust. Should be signed by two other members of the council. Also time cards like in Toastmasters to measure time of speakers. We need to bring our issues to the city council.


Next meeting scheduled for June 7 at 7:00 pm.

Meeting ended. l