Minutes from Greater Valley Glen Council Meeting of May 10, 2004

Pledge of Allegiance, roll call.

Swearing in of new members by Wendy Gruel, certificate given to past members.

Adoption of Bylaws.

Election of officers.

                                A) Hallie Kemper is the new President

                                B) Larry Hanna is the new Vice-President

                                C) Charlotte Laws is the new Secretary

                                D) Victor Viereck is the new Treasurer.

Hallie brought forms so the members could let her know which committees most interest them; she will review them before the next meeting and make decisions as to who will serve on which committees. The members can refuse to serve on a particular committee.

The Committees that will be created are:

                A) Finance Committee

                B) Communication Committee to let the community know who we are

                C) Rules, Election, Bylaws Committee mostly for members with legal experience.

                D) Land Use & Permit Committee communicate with land owners.

                E) Event Planning Committee plan meetings and events.

                F) Government Relations Committee Go to budget meetings, talk with other branches of government, dealing with the hierarchy above us.

                G) Temporary Committee to fill 5 vacancies that we currently have on the Board.

Several other potential committees were suggested: Public Safety Committee, Beautification and Quality of Life Committee.

It is suggested that everyone be required to be on a committee and that attendance be taken at the committee meetings. Suggested that the committees be small: 3 4 members.

Then discussed the need to fill the 5 vacancies that we have.

The members then introduced themselves to each other.

Two speakers from the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DNE) spoke about our orientation books, the Brown act and quorum guidelines. They told us that eventually we will have to fill out form 700 to disclose our financial assets. We will be notified when this law is adopted by the City Council. They also suggested a good procedure book called Robert's Rules of Order. Mayor's office wants input on budget ideas from us. The new project director for the DNE will be at the next meeting; her name is Deanna Stevenson. Their office can help with making copies, mailings, etc. and can facilitate between the various neighborhood councils.

John Bwarie from Mayor Hahn's office is introduced and is the area director. There are seven area directors.

The Valley Alliance was mentioned and Victor will attend the meeting on Thurs. 30-40 people usually attend their meetings.

The Valley Glen nonprofit/Homeowners Association was mentioned and will be discussed at the next meeting. This group dealt with fundraising since we cannot do this via our Board.

We will have placards to identify ourselves at future meetings.

We can get free parking passes for Valley College; Larry Hanna will take care of this.

Public Comments: Ginger Hansen mentioned the difficulty with getting a school built due to the non-enforcement of conditions set forth by the city. Three neighbors are against the sidewalk that the city says is required. Hallie said this would be discussed with Wendy Gruel's office.

Judy said that the election needed to be changed to coincide with the end of our term.

The meeting ended.