The following motion passed on April 5, 2010.


The Greater Valley Glen Council (GVGC) supports SB 1277 introduced on Feb 19, 2010 by CA State Senator Dean Florez and encourages the LA City Council to support it as well. The bill would create a state online registry for felony animal abusers and would operate in much the same way as the sex offender and arsonist databases. The registry would help to better protect both animals and people. There is overwhelming evidence to show that human abusers, murderers or violent criminals began their abuse first with their own pets. The database would also be valuable in tracking those who run dog-fighting or cock-fighting rings.


Additional information:

Supplemental Info:  In 1997 Boston's Northeastern University and the MSPCA did a study that found 70% of all animal abusers have committed at least 1 other crime and that 40% had committed violent crimes against humans. Studies also found that a history of animal abuse was found in 25% of male criminals, 30% of convicted child molesters, 36% of domestic violence cases and 46% of homicide cases.