Regular Board Meeting

July 10, 2006             


Greater Valley Glen Council

Cafeteria Conference Room, Valley College


Agenda Item 1  Roll Call

Meeting called to order by Chair at 7:10 PM

Pledge of Allegiance 

Role Call-

Present: Anderson, Anton, Donobedian, Geldberg, Jannol, Lavine, Olive, K Panahandeh, S Panahandeh, Pezzner, Popenoe, Poster, Price, Shapiro, Simon, Sweet, Viereck, Wehrli            

                Absent: Gatti, Nelson, Tabibian

                Late arrival: Freedman, Laws, Ueland


Agenda Item 2 DONE Advocate Amelia Herrera-Robles.

Ms. Herrera-Robles was introduced as the GVGC’s new advocate.

Agenda Item 3   912 Commission Appointment 

The announcement of Charlotte Laws as the mayor’s appointment to the 912 commission to represent the south valley planning area was met with applause.              

Agenda Item 4  CD2 Field Deputy Evan Roosevelt

Mr. Roosevelt discussed the bus shelters that will be installed at Coldwater Canyon and Victory, and at Burbank and Fulton.

Agenda Item 5 SLO’s

Motion to move Item 13, g (1) License Plate Reader (LPR) was passed by voice vote.  SLO John Smith discussed the advantages of the LPR which can read 3,000 plates during one shift.  Officer Spencer from the auto theft unit stated he can normally run 150 plates in a single shift. The LPR can also be used for Amber Alerts, at crime scenes, and to pick up people on felony charges.

Council members and the public viewed the equipment on a patrol car located outside the conference room. The board vote to contribute $4,000.00 towards the $20,000.00 needed for one car at the North Hollywood division.  Other councils will also contribute.

Motion to donate $4,000.00 for a Van Nuys division LPR if other councils can be located who will fund the balance passed by a voice vote.

Note: Motion by Anderson to move agenda item 14 before public comments. Amendment by Lavine to have public comments first, and then item 14 was rejected by Anderson.

Vote: Ayes:  Anderson, Donobedian, Freedman, Jannol, K Panahandeh, Pezzner, Popenoe, Poster, Price, And Shapiro

Noes:  Anton, Geldberg, Lavine, Olive, Sweet, Viereck, and Wehrli    

Abstains: S Panahandeh, Simon, and Ueland.                      Motion did not pass.

Agenda Item 6  Public Comment

1. Neighborhood prosecutor Tamar Galatzan introduced herself and described her job as resolving quality of like issues for the communities served by the Van Nuys division.

2. Hallie Kemper: (Ms. Kemper requested that her entire statement be put on the record)

For those who don’t know me, I am the past president.  My name has been bantered about and I wish to address the inaccuracies. But, first thing, neighborhood councils are for the public. There are no agendas, no minutes, no bylaws on the website.  If by the next meeting these items are not on the website, I will file a grievance. You have a great website and the money.  There is no information about committees on the web site calendar. You have an extensive email list, email the public the agendas! I am on the email list but I don’t receive any emails. We need to be emailed so the public knows what you are doing. The rules do not give the president permission to change the public comment time, or to amend it in any way, shape, or form particularly without the approval   2/3 majority of this council.  You can’t arbitrarily say two minutes. I understand I was president, people talk a lot   but even you Judy took great advantage of our three minutes meeting time limit a lot of the time.  (Judy: interjected your time is up, I will give you thirty more seconds.)

Also, an inaccuracy that was brought about with the committees- I need to address the falsehoods used in my name that said I put people on committees arbitrarily. Everyone signed up for the committees; I never put someone on a committee without them saying yes. I never put someone who said no, I don’t want to be on that committee, on a committee.

The bylaws that were approved said that you and everyone else can recommend someone to be on a committee but we did that with a democratic vote.  Someone who says they don’t want to be on that committee should not be on that committee. It is a democracy and you are public servants.

Please stop using my name inaccurately. Thank you.

Agenda Item 14 Allott Avenue (moved up the agenda)

Seventeen residents were present to oppose the subdivision of the property located at 6220 Allott Avenue. The applicant spoke on behalf of his plans for the property. Major concerns regarded changing the character and property values of the street. The residents asked the board to make a motion to rescind the previous board’s support of the subdivision in a letter dated October 17, 2005. Motion passed by majority vote.

Further discussion included the need for outreach to the communities impacted by proposed zoning changes.

Agenda Item 7  Minutes May 18, 2006

Item postponed to next meeting

Agenda Item 8  Minutes June 5, 2006

Item postponed to next meeting..


Agenda Item 9 Treasurer’s Report

Item skipped to later in the meeting.

Agenda Item 10  Merchant Seat Appointment

Jen Hill, manager of Starbucks located on Victory Blvd. at Coldwater Canyon was nominated by the vacancy committee and appointed by voice vote.

Note: Motion to extend the meeting to 9:45 PM passed.

Agenda item 11 Final Report GVGC Election Violations from FDM

Report from John Walker, final decision maker for the 2005 GVGC Elections was presented. (see report for  the record.)

Agenda Item 12 Ad Hoc Committee on Election violations

This item was postponed to next month’s meeting.

Agenda Item 13 Committees

Ad hoc Committee on ARC Appointment:

Chair Simon gave final committee report which stated that the committee found no evidence of wrong doing.  Simon stated the committee relied on the conversation between her, Viereck and Wendell Henrikson to reach the committee’s conclusion. 

Agenda Item 14  Allott Avenue

Moved up after item 6

Many board members left after the 9:45 cut off time.

Anderson stated that Lavine approached the District Attorney and City Attorney’s office to file criminal charges against him. He further stated that Lavine was responsible for an internet blog which attacks him and Price. 

Anderson then declared he would resign from the council if Lavine would do the same.

Lavine left the meeting.

Partial minutes recorded and submitted by:  Laurie Lavine, secretary