Government Relations Committee Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2009


Role call: Charlotte Laws, Monte Mazo and Vic Viereck present. Quorum.

Public Comment: None

1. Motion: GVGC urges the City Council to publish on their agenda 100 words of every Community Impact Statement received from a Neighborhood Council. Passes unanimously.

2. The GVGC supports AB 766, the Safe Streets Bill, which allows cities with the help of Neighborhood Councils to set rational and safe speed limits in their communities. Passes unanimously.

3. Discussion about how to best serve stakeholders who need to spay or neuter their animals, but who lack the funds. Discussion about a contribution of $500 from the Neighborhood Council if the council is able to distribute the low cost or free vouchers to community members. Item may be brought back to committee after further research. No motion.

3. There should be an MOU between the Department of Sanitation and the Neighborhood Councils so stakeholders can be alerted to rate increases and other changes within the department. Any sanitation fee increases should be solely for the Department of Sanitation and should not supplant other funds already designated for those purposes. Passes unanimously.

Committee member comments: None

Meeting adjourned.