Government Relations Committee Meeting of July 20, 2005

Chair - Charlotte Laws

Attended by Lloyd, Abby, Charlotte, Vic.

Gay Marriage - Resolution passed by the Los Angeles City Council to support Gay Marriage Bill AB 849 now in the State Senate in Sacramento. Discussion about this issue. Motion to present the issue to the full council and recommend that we vote on whether to support AB 849, then send the results (along with our vote count) to the State Senate and Assembly, L.A. City Council, and L.A. Mayor. Motion passes unanimously.

California Animal Commission - Motion to support this idea and send a letter of support to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, the State Senate and Assembly, the L.A. City Council, Mayor Villaraigosa, the General Manager of Animal Services Guerdon Stuckey and the Los Angeles Animal Commission. Vote and passes unanimously.

Preservation of Affordable Housing - this issue was discussed and Vic will work on wording of the document.

Meeting adjourned.