Government Relations Committee Meeting Minutes

August 31, 2009


Roll call. Present Vic Viereck, Monte Mazo, Charlotte Laws. Quorum obtained.

No public comments.

1. Motion made by Charlotte Laws, seconded by Vic Viereck:  “LAUSD needs reform. The Greater Valley Glen Council supports the Resolution for Public School Choice, which allows organizations other than LAUSD to submit proposals to run 50 new schools in the district.” Passes unanimously.

2. City employment retirement accounts – Vic Viereck will provide additional information and bring it back to the committee next month.

3. Motion made by Charlotte Laws and seconded by Vic Viereck: “The GVGC supports the NC/DOT MOU as presented to the Dept of Transportation on August 15, 2009.” Passes unanimously.

4. LAX Utility Replacement Project – committee discussed the issue. No motion was made.

5. Motion made by Vic Viereck and seconded by Monte Mazo: “Whereas extended hours and/or fee increases can have a negative effect on patronage of businesses, thereby possibly decreasing business, sales, and property tax revenue,

and whereas more parking meters and/or increases in parking hours require more servicing of the meters,

and whereas such parking meter changes might result in reduced parking revenue,

the Greater Valley Glen Council hereby demands that before any increase in parking meters and/or fees, the city conducts a thorough survey of the potential costs and effects of such changes, and submits the reports of such studies to neighborhood councils and chambers of commerce in the affected areas.”

Passes unanimously. 

Boardmember comments:

Monte Mazo suggests ECAF be added to the agenda for the Sept meeting. 

Vic Viereck suggests the rent stabilization ordinance to be added to agenda for the Sept meeting.

Meeting adjourned.