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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen

Minutes for GVGC Meeting of January 31, 2005

Call to order, Pledge and roll call. Everyone is present except the following: Carlos and Mickey and Linda Wehrli have excused absences. Barbara Rodney has resigned. Also, Shawn is late but present.

Minutes are approved.

Barbara Rodney has resigned due to family problems. Hallie is resigning.

Hallie is nominating Carole Sher to fill the vacancy. There is a vote. Carole Sher is unanimously added to the council.

Presentation by Wendy Greuel to Hallie. Gives her a certificate of appreciation. Comments from the Board. Hallie leaves the meeting.

LAPD Deputy Chief Ron Bergman – presentation. Decrease in crime in the San Fernando Valley. Street racing down because police are taking the cars used for street racing. Property crime is the number one crime in the Valley. Motel detail. Police officers assigned to this specifically. They go to motels, run license plates to see who has a warrant for their arrest. They have many arrests this way. This has made a huge dent in property crime numbers. New technology is really helping with crime reduction.

Report from Wendy Greuel’s office – Pat Davenport. People come to our council now for zoning issues. Also Sharon’s idea was great- good neighbor. Christmas trees left in front of apartment complexes. How to dispose of trees flyer will be passed out next year at all Xmas tree lots. Call 311 to complain about trees, that they are obstructing traffic. Idea to charge an extra fee for the trees so this money can be used for pick up.

Public Comments

Annabelle – Joined tree people. They will give a speech on plantings if we want them to speak. Trucks blocking her driveway.

Laurie Levine – City attorney gave opinion regarding neighborhood council database. Council can refuse to release this information for privacy purposes. Recommends that the communication committee come up with a recommendation about releasing or not releasing information.

Judy – Another grievance filed. It is on the agenda.

Matthew - Lives at 6101 Ethel. “All neighbors are against the townhouse development.”

Lloyd says he will raise the issue at the next general meeting.

Boardmember comments

Charlotte - Letter from Dennis Zine regarding POSSE. Suggestion that government relations committee and public safety committee look into it.

Vic – Inclusionary zoning.

Committee Reports –

Sharon – Don’t forget Fri. Feb 4th – Crown Disposal tour. Flyer.

Sharon Anton made name tags for everyone. Might want to wear to mayoral debates.

Valerie – bylaws. Recap of what we did. If people want to bring complete alternative proposals forward, it should be done at the committee level in the future.

Valerie’s presentation:

October 4, 2004 General Meeting

Finished bylaws had been posted for about ten days on Council web site. As Committee Co-Chair, was prepared to present a finished set of proposed bylaws. Not able to present due to ardent objections from Mr. Anderson and fact that we did not get to them until 10:30 pm. At this point, Mr. Anderson submitted a complete set of alternate bylaws.

Two more meetings were held to consider Mr. Anderson’s proposal.

October 15, 2004 -

Bylaws meeting Committee meeting at Starbucks.

Not able to schedule another meeting until Nov. 11, 2004 due to two of our members having mutually exclusive schedules made it impossible to meet until that date.

November 11, 2004 -

2nd meeting considering Mr. Anderson’s proposal.

Special Meeting November 22, 2004.

Proposed Bylaws presented by Mr. Ferreyra. We were not able to finish. Two alternate proposals were forwarded during this meeting.

General Meeting December 6, 2004

Remainder of proposed bylaws were presented and the bylaws approved with changes.

December 18, 2004

Changes were submitted to DONE.

About December 27, 2004

DONE requested supplementary materials.

DONE has said that they are hoping to have their part finished and put the matter on the BONC agenda for an as of yet undetermined date in late Feb 2005.


Vic – Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils information.

Scott – Beautification. Organize a community planting in Hallie’s name.

Report and Possible Motion regarding Committee Appointments -

Carlos – chair of election committee and Lloyd is vice-chair.

Treasurer’s Report – Vic passes out paper with the numbers. Questions about food at the party and how paid. Vic says that we need to provide petty cash receipts or we won’t be reimbursed. Then we will be responsible for the costs.

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report.Vote. Unanimous approval.

Ad Hoc Committee Report – Lloyd presents. Is this nonprofit part of our council? He wants the city attorney to respond or otherwise we should drop the investigation. Motion to dissolve the committee. Valerie wants the issue dropped. One idea is to send it to the city attorney for an opinion.

As an entity we cannot now have or own a non profit. City attorney does not often render opinions. Larry wants the issue dropped.

Deanna says the city attorney cannot authorize a nonprofit. The state is the only entity that can dissolve a nonprofit.

Peer – no one has interviewed me about this issue, or asked Carlos about it. We both have tons of information.

Laurie Levine – We should look into getting a trademark on the name The Greater Valley Glen Council. When a name is abandoned, anyone can use it. The nonprofit does not impact the council; it does not involve the council. She wants the nonprofit to stay in place to get the money for the freeway signs. The amount in the account is $35. We have had no issues with the Secretary of State or the Franchise Tax Board.

Judy – we should let the city attorney look into it.

Deanna – we are not the nonprofit.

Motion to dissolve the nonprofit committee. It passes. The committee is dissolved. Passes with all yes, except Terry says no and Sharon Noble and Carole Sher abstain.

Valerie is leaving the meeting for tonight. She is sick.

Government Relations Committee Report– Charlotte Laws

Letter to Alliance of Neighborhood Councils. Motion to send it. It passes unanimously.

DAW – Motion to make Charlotte Laws the Director of Animal Welfare for Valley Glen. This passes unanimously.

Presentation about what happened at Grievance Committee meetings and new grievance.

New Grievance is submitted, Carlos submitted this grievance. Larry wants this put off until the next meeting. He will talk to Carlos and maybe it can just go away.

Report Regarding Election Procedures -  Laurie Levine

Handout. Separate motion to have the election on April 26, 2005. Passes unanimously.

Last year the arbiter did not provide a written report. This year we want one.

Motion to put into election procedures of community organizations so that one organization cannot have both caucus seats. Vote and unanimous approval.

Abe – wants to the nonprofit caucus on the same day as the election. It is normally two days later.

A person can run in any category; they have to decide which one.

The date of Feb 18th for candidate nominations will not happen. We could move the date until March first. (section III: deadlines section).

Motion that the council will allow us to announce a date later depending on DONE. Vote. Passes unanimously.

Anyone in line to submit applications at the candidate forum will be allowed to do so even if it is after 9:00 pm that night.

Max wants two days of voting with different hours. Laurie says the turnout will not be any better. It is hard to get volunteers to do it and then we have ballot boxes that cannot necessarily be guarded.

We go over the rules and procedures for the election.

Abe wants to make amendment to change the date for caucuses to the same day as the election. Motion and vote. We have 7 abstains. 2 yes. We have 6 no’s. It does not pass. The Amendment fails.

Laurie says it is too hard to have it on the same day.

Amendment to change language to “at least three” voting booths on the last page. Motion and vote. It passes unanimously.

Website needs to have an election section.

All in favor of election procedures. Motion. Passes unanimously. With the changes, they are accepted based on the handout.

Communications Committee Report – Max Bulwa

Information about the website. Any ideas to improve the website, please let Max know. Wants money to revamp the website in the future.

Getting signs made and posting.

Larry is doing the posting now.

Public Safety Committee Meeting – Presentation by Terry

Police officers recommendation by Grieg Smith for 450 police officers without raising taxes. Motion on supporting Grieg Smith’s proposal. 12 yes and one abstain and one no. Motion passes.

Motion to send letter to Wendy Greuel regarding graffiti. Vote and passes unanimously.

Idea to spend $1500 for CST project. Assists the Van Nuys police department. To replace radios etc. The group is the community surveillance team, do graffiti problems, gangs, prostitution, drugs. They spot crimes and the police handle it. They need $75 per month for radios.  $900 for the year and an additional $600. Public Safety would like for us to fund this organization. They are LAPD volunteers. They have ID cards issued by the LAPD.

Deanna says she does not think we can give the money.

He wants the council to cut a check for $75 to Lucky two-way radio. And the other $600 to be set aside for working it out how to pay in the future. Motion made. Vote.

Motion passes. Everyone says yes, except one abstain.

Michael Randall – asked council in Sept. to create a brochure that could go to stores to inform them of Q conditions. The Q condition brochure has many errors and does not have the correct information. This is important to our community. Land use committee needs to finish it and Michael agrees to help if the committee will let him. He will provide a corrected version.

Next meeting is March 7, 2005. Nominations for vice president and vote are next time.