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Charlotte Laws
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Photo of Charlotte Laws in March 2005

Minutes for Greater Valley Glen Council General Meeting of September 12, 2005

Call to order, Pledge, Roll call. All are present except for Carlos Ferreyra, Scott Halliburton, Sharon Noble, Carole Sher, Rena Schpegal.

Review of minutes. Motion to accept. Passes unanimously.

Larry Hanna - We want to thank Sherry Goldstein and her husband for of the hard work she has done for our council. (She receives flowers). Summerfest – Sharon worked so hard (Flowers for Sharon Anton).  And thanks to Mickey for Summerfest and the other things he has done for our council. (He receives envelope). Abby – envelope for him. And for Deanna – envelope for her for Summerfest. Larry wants to thank everybody.

We have one more meeting before turning it over to the new Council. We should write a little synopsis about what we have done for the new group.

Vic- Treasurer’s report – Handout about the numbers. Please contact Vic with any questions about the report. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report. Passes unanimously.

Election Committee information – Carlos is not here. Presentation at the end about this.

Judy Price – When will the information be on the website?

Lloyd – The technical problems will be worked out and the election information will be on the website by Wednesday afternoon.

Larry – Article by Charlotte Laws that was in the Daily News.

Sharon Anton - $175.12 over budget for the Summerfest. Motion to add this money to the Summerfest budget. Seconded. Passes unanimously.

Larry – Can we get a detailed listing of all Summerfest expenses at the next meeting.

Boardmember Comments –

Terry – Sharon did a great job with Summerfest. Potholes – Let’s get them all filled in Valley Glen. Flyer about this. It was emailed to everyone, too.

How many meetings has Scott Halliburton missed?  If you miss three meetings then a person is off the council. Scott missed the meetings in June, July and September. Carole Sher missed more than three meetings (including May, June, July and Aug.) Sharon Noble has missed at least three meetings (Dec., July and Sept.)

Valerie Olive – Planning Commission. I asked them to notify us on density projects. An official notice will be sent to us. We will have an official liaison. It is very good.

Lloyd – Prepare a 500 word summary of today’s activities to go into the newsletter.

Vic Viereck – Downtown hotel near convention center. Taxpayer money should not be needed.

Larry says we should discuss this at the Government Relations meeting. We could even have an emergency meeting to discuss this one issue.

Larry – Land Use Committee – Interim Control Ordinance for Greater Valley Glen regarding mansionization. Motion to pass the information on the handout and send it to Wendy Greuel’s office. Seconded.

Charlotte Laws – thinks number “3 a” should say “less than 50%” instead of “49% or less” otherwise what happens if someone has 49.5%?

Max Bulwa– wants someone to explain what the proposal says. And what are the arguments in favor if mansionization?

Terry Anderson – this limits the size of homes that can be built.

Charlotte Laws – feels mansionization raises property values, and allows for self-determination. But the document we have in front of us is a compromise. The trend nationwide is towards larger homes. Privacy and shadowing a neighbor’s home are the objective factors that are detrimental to neighbors. The document we have preserves a level of self-determination for existing homeowners who add on to their homes.

Stakeholder Neil Adler – Disagrees that mansionization raises property values.

Max is worried about the color of ones house. Is that the next thing?

Charlotte Laws – that is a good point, Max.

Linda Wehrli – the community should want us to look at this issue.

Sharon Anton – we are supposed to operate in an advisory capacity. We need to take a stand on this issue.

Martin – this is a modest proposal. This is a reasonable document.

Mario – the city puts down certain limitations in many ways.

Vic – we have to look at the rights of neighbors to sunlight and privacy. Balance the rights of neighbors against each other.

Valerie –thinks everyone did a good job on arriving at the proposal.

Judy Price – Dale Thrush worked with the committee on this proposal.  You can do whatever you with one-story. Valley Glen can be in the lead when it comes to this issue.

Neil Adler – slippery slope issue is a valid one. He says this is not going to happen.

Max Bulwa – I want to be able to discuss this issue further.  

Robert Eckhoff – I build mansions for a living. This ordinance seems reasonable to me. You can’t bring in the second story, or you are tearing the whole house down. 50% is a reasonable limit.

Terry – this was an interesting project. VGNA did a massive survey of every home in Valley Glen before putting this draft together. We all worked together on this. Other parts of the city and country will follow this. Both the Greater Valley Glen Council Land Use Committee and the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association has endorsed this proposal.

Vote on the mansionization proposal – Passes. All says yes except Max and Kiavesh abstain.

Pat Davenport – Mansionization issue and this proposal of ours is a bit of a test case. Had fun at the Summerfest. Wendy’s picnic. October 2, 2005 is Wendy’s child, health and safety fair. Email is the best way to contact Pat.

Mickey – 6016 Ethel. We voiced opposition to the proposed construction of the 6 unit building. Owner transferred ownership of the property in order to try to get it approved. This issue is about privacy and public safety. The neighbors are very interested in this matter. September 19, 2005 meeting, 9:30  – who would like to come and speak from the council.

Charlotte Laws – Government Relations – Affordable Housing. Motion to pass the letter and include Vic’s personal letter in the package. Vic explains the proposal. Handout.

Valerie – What about limiting costs. Otherwise a developer could come in and say any amount.

Vic –The costs have to be substantiated and the person can be audited.

Valerie Olive – concerned about item number two.  

Terry – concerned about item number five. Item number five: Amendment to say, “Allow owners to respond to tenant complaints by enabling them to evict promptly suspected nuisance tenants with a thirty-day notice, subject to the evicted tenant’s rent (plus annual increases) remaining in effect for the benefit of any tenant who rents that unit during the year after the eviction. Also, that rent plus the annual allowed increases shall remain in effect as long as that tenant is renting the unit.”   

Abby – This is about improving housing stock without taking away tenant’s rights. This is written to make affordable housing improved and safe.

Terry – Thinks number two will not be taken seriously by the city council. Wants to take out number two.

Valerie – The document looks like it was drafted by a landlord.

Charlotte – I don’t think we should make changes merely because we think the city council will not like certain aspects. I think we should take a stand for what we believe rather than making a concession in advance. We should do what we think is best for the city. Maybe we are wrong, and the city council will take it seriously.

Vic – Agrees, would rather let it stay as it is and let the city council decide.

Amendment to take out number two and three. Vote on this. The amendment fails. All say no except Shawn abstains and Terry, Lloyd, and Valerie say yes.

Valerie – I don’t feel comfortable trusting landlords about the rent they charge people.

Sharon Anton – Everyone in my building is lower or middle income. This is a mandate as if owners of buildings prior to 1978 are being forced to supply low-income housing. It is unfair for landlords. The city is killing the golden goose. Landlords have been under this rent control since 1978.

Abby – The city gives incentives to big companies yet does not help the small landlords.

Judy Price – My concern is that if they eliminate rent control all together, low income housing could become a greater problem. It is coming anyway.

Vote on the motion to pass the letter and send Vic’s personal letter in the same envelope.

This passes. All say yes except Terry, Sharon Anton, Martin, Mickey, Valerie, Vic and Linda abstain. Some of these abstentions are due to a potential conflict of interest because some of these council members have rent control property. Larry votes yes.

Larry will let us know whether there will be a special meeting or another regular meeting prior to the election.

Meeting adjourned.