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Dr. Charlotte Laws - Councilperson Valley Glen



Minutes GVGC General Meeting June 6, 2005

Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call. Everyone is present except Martin Donabedian, Scott Halliburton and Carole Sher. Minutes are approved.

Christelle graduated from Notre Dame.

Public Comments

Annabelle – safe routes program, bicycle and safety projects, continues until 2008. Good news on Sylvan Street – street cleaning on the street.

 Election Procedures Presentation

Carlos – Changes requested by DONE. We have to adhere to City Council language. Some small changes. They want us to put in name of election administrator, but Carlos says we did not know who the person will be. But we have contacted someone from League of Women voters and someone will help us for free. They want us to change the definitions of “homeowner” and “resident occupant.”

Motion is to change the bylaws to adhere in the definition in the procedures. This would be “any person who owns, lives, resides in the Greater Valley Glen Council area.” Resident occupant is anyone who rents in the Greater Valley Glen Council area.”  We are simply bringing in the approved bylaws by BONC and adding the language to the election procedures. Vote to approve. Everyone says yes, except Valerie says no. Motion passes.

Motion to move elections to August 17th. This gives us 71 days for the outreach. No vote on this.

Terry suggests we give the full 90 days for outreach and make the election later.

We could have the date for the election during the fourth week of September.

Carlos – the election administrator is highly recommended.

Motion that Sept. 20, 21, 22 based on the election administrator’s availability and DONE approval. Motion for this and vote. Unanimously approved.

Motion: The election committee wants permission to change the correlating dates. It would all be the same time frame. Vote and unanimous approval.

Carlos - Nonprofit ads in the Daily News (and can target our area) that we could take advantage of. two half page ads. This would cost $2500. Not sure what area this money would come from, i.e. communications committee. Communications committee can come back with recommendations. We would run one ad for candidates and another for election notice. This will be taken back to committee.

Communication Committee Report:

Carlos – Website. $200 expenditure. $49 yearly fee. We can track hits. Add a bulletin board. Lots of templates. We want an easy method for someone to make the changes in the future.

Motion to approve the $200 to get the website up. This will be handled through Easy templates to use. Vote. Unanimously approved.

Motion to buy Quark tutorial which costs $29.95.

Charlotte Laws – Will this really be easy to understand?

Carlos Ferreira– Don’t know.

Vote on the motion to buy the Quark tutorial for $29.95. Vote. Motion passes. Everyone says yes, except Sharon Anton, Charlotte Laws, Abby Tetenbaum and Linda Wehrli say no and Shawn Panahandeh abstains.

Carlos Ferreyra leaves the meeting at this point.

Wendy Greuel’s Office Report:

Pat Davenport – Free home shade trees flyers, composting bins information. Saturday is the traffic fair. Street cleaning.

LAPD Report

North Hollywood Senior Lead Officer – spoiled food with street vendors. They confiscated tons of food. People operating produce out of their apartment on Sharon’s street. Crime is pretty low in our area except one murder at Coldwater and Vanowen. Hondas get stolen or broken into.

President’s Report

Larry Hanna – I appreciate all of your hard work. We have another three months or so until the end of our term.

Ad Hoc Committee on Zoning

Valerie Olive – I am asking that you support the motion I wrote.

Motion to approve it. Valerie will be taking it and presenting it to the Planning Committee if it passes. SB 1818 is state law and SB 435 is not yet state law. See full motion which Valerie has submitted to the GVGC.¾ of the Valley is a transit corridor as per the definition.

Terry – we have to show our elected officials how we feel.

Vote. Passes unanimously. Larry Hanna also votes yes; as president, he does not usually vote.

Guest Speaker

Miguel Luna – watershed coordinator. Nonprofit organization. Outreach, education, literature. Advocates for watershed approach to planning, Moves to create parkways and bikeways. Slide show. Looking for Neighborhood Council participation. They want us to help identify where projects are needed (i.e. pocket parks and bike paths). Looking for our help. Tomorrow steering committee to develop our future plans at CBS studios. Info there about the project.

Public Safety

Sharon Anton – Summer Safety Fair or a different outreach fair. Feature earthquake preparedness, red cross, fingerprinting, outreach, barbeque. Sharon and Mickey would work on this.

Terry Anderson – wants outreach to the whole community, including undocumented workers.

Mickey Jannol – outreach about the election, too.

Motion to set aside $2000 to do this event. Date to be determined later. Vote. Passes unanimously.


Government Relations

Charlotte Laws - Motion to send a letter to the new Mayor Elect Villaraigosa. Vote. Passes unanimously.

Motion to pass the letter regarding Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the Department of Water and Power (DWP) and to send to City Council, etc. Vote. Everyone says yes, except Terry abstains. Passes.

Public Safety

Sharon Anton – How to be a good neighbor brochures to give to businesses in display container.

Motion to spend $1500 on this. This is for outreach. We have to deliver these brochures.

Max Bulwa- we can use these in the future, too.

The motion passes unanimously.

Sharon Anton- Graffiti project. Will see if this becomes a Valley Wide project.

Treasurer’s Report

Vic Viereck – Not too many expenditures since the previous report. Passes out the report.

Larry – will our money carry over to the next council?

Vic – yes, we can carry it over, but we have to make a good case for spending it. It is hard to get that money if we don’t spend it.

Larry – can we get a commitment.

Vic – it is hard to get a commitment.

Mickey – ask the city attorney about this.

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report. Passes unanimously.

Board Member Comments

Max – Yard signs

Vic – Inclusionary zoning. Moratoriam on evictions for major rehab on apartments. City is trying to change this. 23 pages on what owners need to do to get renovations. Ask Vic for further details.

Charlotte – Congress of Neighborhoods – DAW outreach project.

Mickey – Shooting at the Valley Glen park. Ethel project – JPL is going along with it  even though we did not approve of it.

Terry – Re: park shooting. Call the police. Call 911. We must stop nefarious activity. We don’t want to lose our parks.

Linda - Have an artist do a design on the garage door. Valley Alley Gallery idea. This will discourage graffiti. Valley Artists Guild – could maybe do it for a low cost.


Committee Reports

Abby – Ad Hoc Cultural Affairs Committee – Public art associated with the Orange Line. Copies of what is to come. Three stations. Shows pictures. Quilt motif for the Woodman station. Laurel Canyon station – flying oranges and airplanes. Valley College station has a photograph.

Lloyd - Land Use Committee – Q Conditions pamphlets. It will cost $350. We had approval for $500, so it will cost less.

Mickey – Beautification Committee – Trees. Areas like Vanowen triangle and Oxnard medium. Beautification meeting on Saturday at Starbucks. Water is costly.

Sharon – Public Safety – Erwin Street and CERT classes. Deanna has not responded.

Larry Hanna thinks we should not have a meeting in August. We will discuss it later.

Next meeting is July 11, 2005 at 7 pm.

Meeting adjourned.