Greater Valley Glen Council

Minutes from Government Relations Meeting 5/29/04

Chair of the Committee - Charlotte Laws, Ph.D.

    There was unanimous disapproval of Inclusionary Housing as it is written. We don't believe it will help those it is intended to help, nor do we believe it will help our neighborhoods. It will degrade standards. We will look to draft alternative proposals for the L.A. City Council to consider. We will present our findings to the Council so that all members can vote on the issue.

     We discussed the idea of sponsoring a mayoral debate in conjunction with the Event Planning Committee. Unanimous approval of the idea. We will present our idea to the Council and the Event Planning Committee.

     We also discussed the idea of holding future Government Relations meetings at Abraham's office, located at 5605 Woodman Avenue, # 207 (Enrichment Works). It was very noisy at Starbucks. The public can still attend the meetings at the Woodman Ave. location.

    We discussed potential monies our committee may need when the annual budget is outlined. We came with a $500 figure for postage, parking, stationary, correspondence envelopes and miscellaneous.

    We discussed Arts issues and Abby will draft a letter with information about this for us to review.

    The meeting ended.