The Directors of Animal Welfare are encouraged to post animal-related information that their councils are addressing. Other DAWs are encouraged to review this information and make suggestions to their own councils.


These are a few of the letters sent prior to 2007:

Letter to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa from a number of DAWs regarding the zoo elephants  

Letter to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa from a number of DAWs regarding General Manager Mr. Guerdon Stuckey

Letter of support to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa from a number of DAWs regarding the firing of GM Guerdon Stuckey.


Thank you letter to Mayor Villaraigosa for sending the elephant Ruby to a sanctuary - March 2007 

Letter to California State Legislature regarding AB 1634, the Healthy Pets Act of 2007 - April 2007

Letter supporting AB 1634, The Healthy Pets Act. This legislation is supported by six local councils. 


Issue taken up by councils and the DAWs regarding roosters and enforcement against cockfighting. 

Letter to Mayor and City Council regarding Predicate Acts, Animal Cruelty Task Force and Pest Control Companies.  Sample letters to be used. This legislation is supported by at least three local councils. 

Letter from Greater Valley Glen Council to City Council and Mayor


Humanitarian Art Ordinance - passed by Greater Valley Glen Council in March 2009. All Councils urged to support. Forwarded to LA City Council. 

Request for funding of LAAS spay / neuter program. Donation amounts pending. 



Charlotte Laws - Greater Valley Glen DAW

1. Support for a California Animal Commission, passed by the Greater Valley Glen Council on August 1, 2005. DAWs can use the GVGC letter as a prototype. All Councils are asked to support this idea and send a letter to the Governor, as well as the Mayor, L.A. City Council and LAAS Commission (asking them to support the idea and encourage the Governor to appoint Commissioners). See www.AnimalCommission.org

2.  Critique of Mr. Guerdon Stuckey's No-Kill Business Plan for Los Angeles Animal Services - presented at the LAAS Animal Commission Meeting on September 26, 2005.

Beatrice Shapiro, Elisa Abelleira, Donna Willinsky -  former Atwater Village DAWs

These very active DAWs are requesting funding from their Council for some very important projects. Click here for the proposal

Lezle Stein - Arroyo Seco Council DAW

1. Dog training for low income people who adopt from the shelter. See press release.

Bill La Mond - former Studio City DAW

1. Chow Bella Pet Spa Issue

Categories of DAW work:

1. Political Influence
    A. Vote on / pass / oppose at least three issues per year. Take these to NCs.
    B. Create short statement that politicians can sign on to: "Companion animal is a lifetime commitment, spay/neuter, adopt from the shelter, etc.)

2. Shelter Issues
    A. Refine and assist with shelter policy
    B. Move LA towards no-kill

3. Neighborhood Issues
    A. Attend NC meetings
    B. Work with Councils
    C. Help stakeholders (both human and nonhuman) with animal issues
    D. Participate in at least one adoption event per year

4. Press
    A. Invite press to meetings and events and to cover important issues

5. Education
    A. Humane Friendly pamphlet
    B. Speaker every quarter
    C. Create orientation program
    D. Add resources to DAW website
    E. Educational DVD for schools