Reseda Director of Animal Welfare - Missy Woodward
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Missy hails from Waco, Texas, filled with cowboys and meat eaters. She was blessed to grow up with a family that loved animals. She showed hunters and jumpers and was a championship equestrian. She also rescued animals she would find and developed a keen sense of how to market them to good homes...once even offering a free refrigerator with the animal! Missy began her career as a radio and television news anchor.  One afternoon in 1986 while living in NYC, she found herself with a new pair of kittens and a newfound decision to become a lifelong vegetarian, committed to saving animals' lives.    

She has spent several years trying to get an animal rescue show off the ground and when fortune had her meet Jeff Fleiss, the two have successfully accomplished that task.  Critter Crusades was born.  It's a show about 'ordinary people on extraordinary missions ....to save animals'.  

Excerpt from ‘About Critter Crusades’:

Critter Crusades is a show honoring those ordinary people on extraordinary missions that save animal lives.  From normal folk to radical activists, the show explores the drive, compassion, love, strength and devotion these heroes for animals express in our world everyday.  Critter Crusades was created to educate and inform the public about the issues of animal abuse and neglect while sharing wonderful stories of the animal-human bond.  We share the world with animals...many of which daily live with us in our homes.  This show targets not only animal lovers, but those people who love heroes and who themselves seek ways to make a difference in our world, even if only in the life of one animal.  Every kind deed causes a change reaction of good throughout the world.


It's really simple.  I love animals.  I am so amazed by people who rescue and care for animals, even amidst their own hardships.  Animals saved my life through many rough times...I want to help in some small way to save theirs. I was given the 'gift of gab', so I believe it's only fitting that I open my mouth and show others how they can make a difference too.  Information and education are the key to social change. Watch or listen to those who have made a huge difference for animals of all types all over the world.  
I think you will find their stories and passion for what they do quite inspiring.  I do.

In Memory of Astro – Jan 1990 – Feb 1,2005

... ordinary people on extraordinary missions

Missy Woodward
Host and Co-Producer

Jeff Fleiss and Missy Woodward, Producers of the TV Show Critter Crusades
Jeff Fleiss and Missy Woodward