Analysis - DONE Audit: Changes Should Wait for NCRC

I commend DONE for responding so quickly to Laura Chick’s report, but feel some courses of action should be postponed until after the NCRC completes its analysis.
Actions related to the heavy monitoring and oversight of NCs, the standardization of bylaws and any changes in funding (i.e. percentage of budget to one category or another) should be left until later. If DONE would like to present suggestions to the NCRC about the above items, I am sure the commission would be grateful for input. But to make permanent changes seems premature.
In addition, there will be a new DONE GM in February. This individual many have his/her ideas about the department and the NC system. This person should be heard before changes are implemented.
No decision should be made at this time with respect to if, when and how the ordinance should amended. The NCRC will be evaluating this and would surely like the opportunity to present its suggestions.
It is my also understanding that Councilmember Hahn has requested that no changes be made to the NC system until after the NCRC report is completed.
The following items could possibly be embarked upon now:
Internal changes at DONE with respect to organization, computers, databases, mileage reimbursement, redefining the duties of NC Project Coordinators, etc.
An increase in training, such as classes on how to file a CIS.
Enhancing the opportunity for NCs to “share best practices.”
In conclusion, I would hate to see efforts made in one direction when the NCRC and the next GM may make suggestions that differ substantially. It no doubt costs money to implement changes. Why do it twice? Again I commend DONE for its quick response, but think it wise to slow down so that all voices can weigh in on these important issues.


(Charlotte Laws is a member of the Greater Valley Glen NC and serves on the NC Review Commission.)