Welcome to “Talking 912” with Charlotte Laws

Seven years ago, the City of Los Angeles created a system of Neighborhood Councils (NCs) to give residents a greater voice in local government. NCs are elected groups of your neighbors who give advice to the City Council and City Departments. They speak for you.

Now the City wants to find out how well the Neighborhood Council system is working. The Neighborhood Council Review Commission (also known as the 912 Commission) has been asked to make recommendations about the NC system. The Commissioners want to know what you think.

Charlotte Laws is your South Valley Planning Area representative on the Commission. “Talking 912” is a series of town hall meetings hosted by Charlotte Laws, designed to find out what you think about topics the Commission is currently examining.

The Commission is addressing the following topics:

MEASURES OF SUCCESS: Vision and Values

What would be the elements of the ideal neighborhood council system for Los Angeles? 

Do people know about Neighborhood Councils?

What is meaningful participation?

How could delivery of services be improved?

How does the LA Neighborhood Council system compare with those in other cities?

Are Neighborhood Councils the voice of the people? How could they better be the voice of the people?

Do Neighborhood Councils have the right roles and powers?

What do you think of the Neighborhood Council system now as compared with what you expected at its onset?

What would the ideal Neighborhood Council system look like 10 years from now? How would things be different from today?